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Cyber Myths Debunked

Since the dawn of hard drives and CPUs, there have always been misconceptions about what exactly happens in the realm of cybersecurity. Although there is a wealth of information circulating on this topic, it can be easy to come across false information. If you or your employees believe any of the myths below, you could be opening up your business to unknown risk. Read on as we destroy three popular cybersecurity myths! 


Myth #1: Hacking is only for experts

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When someone mentions the word "hacker" most automatically visualize an evil, computer-coding genius with the confidence and skill to pit their wits against security services and governments. Honestly, we’d be better off if the evil genius depiction was accurate, as hackers would be much rarer; unfortunately, there are plenty of hackers who have only rudimentary computer skills, and who make their mischief via existing code. They’ve become so common that they have their own name – ‘script kiddies’, as they don’t write any of the code themselves. There are hundreds of programs designed for these amateur hackers designed to detect and automatically exploit known vulnerabilities.


Myth #2: Cybersecurity is just an IT issue. 

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All employees play a role in keeping a company cyber safe. That is why it is so important to keep your staff educated on all potential cyber threats they may face on a daily basis. There is a tendency to associate cybersecurity primarily with technology, and there is an overwhelming number of cybersecurity technology solutions out there. But there is no silver bullet when it comes to securing your organization. If you don’t have good processes in place – or people who can interpret the information – technology won’t do as much as you think to protect you. It’s the people sitting in the seats interacting with the phishing scams and malware attachments that can make a difference. Any appliance or technology control can be thwarted when someone clicks on a link or opens an attachment that introduces an infection into your environment.


Myth #3: Data breaches only happen to large organizations.

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With so many organizations, what are the chances that you’re going to get breached? Pretty high actually. Small-mid businesses made up over half of last year's breach victims. The truth is, the more vulnerabilities you have in your environment, the higher the likelihood that those are going to be exploited. Any business with sensitive information, no matter its size, is vulnerable to attack. Criminals can easily exploit many small to mid-sized organizations, and make the same amount as exploiting one large organization with less effort. 


No matter who you are, cybersecurity can be a complicated topic to navigate, but it doesn’t have to be! By signing up for ThreatAdvice Cybersecurity Education Training, you and your business will stay one step ahead of the bad guys. Ensure your safety today at www.threatadvice.com

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