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Fortnite: Cyber Battle Royale

If you have children between eight and eighteen, play video games, or are a fan of the silly dance moves it inspires, the chances are you’ve probably heard of the multiplayer online shooter game Fortnite. To say that the game has taken the world by storm is an understatement considering the number of people playing is around 78.3 million. While it might seem harmless to allow your kids to play such a popular game, over the past few months there have been multiple new stories breaking about the risks it poses in cybersecurity. These risks can seem especially dangerous due to the game's very low age restriction limit at just twelve years of age.


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Unfortunately, where gamers go, scammers follow and Fortnite is no exception to that rule. Earlier this fall, researchers at Top10 VPN uncovered a thriving marketplace for selling U.K. gamer login credentials on the dark web. The logins were going for an average of $2.61/user and would be used to buy large assortments of costly add-ons at the expense of the victim. These scammers have also gone to the extent of obtaining the gamers’ payment information to gain access to their (or their parent's) bank accounts.

Another scam discovered recently was the use of fake apps or websites offering free or discounted “V-Bucks,” an in-game currency that players can use to buy various items to enhance gameplay. These Fortnite scam websites ask potential victims for their Fortnite usernames and passwords, and credit card numbers. While you might think this is an easy scam to spot, most younger users wouldn't think twice about entering potentially destructive information. Over 4,770 live domains related to these kinds of scams have been discovered by security risk company ZeroFOX who have also reported that the number will most likely continue to grow.

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So, whether you play Fortnite or have a child that does, there are large risks at play that shouldn't be taken lightly. These factors show just how easily children playing Fortnite can be taken advantage of in the form of data theft or potential identity theft if the victim discloses enough vital information. Parents are also at risk since the credit information used by their kids is linked to their accounts as well. When it comes to anything cyber or internet related, there will always be a risk of foul play, but with the right cyber awareness, you and your fellow gamers can stay safe!