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Threat Advice New Feature: Employee Risk Levels

At ThreatAdvice we are committed to educating your employees and lowering the risk they bring to your business. That is why later this week we are releasing our newest feature: Employee Risk Levels. Have you ever wanted to see who the highest risk employees are at your business? Now you can. Our proprietary algorithm evaluates the activity of your employees on ThreatAdvice to rank each one as high, medium, or low risk.

View your company as a whole to see the breakdown of risk levels across your organization. By viewing this chart, you will quickly know how far your company needs to move to get to where you want to be. Quickly notify all high & medium risk employees to give them a push towards correcting it.

Each employee is shown their risk level along with instructions for achieving a "Low Risk" status. Employees know exactly where they stand and exactly what to do to improve their score. To lower their risk levels, employees will use the ThreatAdvice system and become more educated on cybersecurity risk.
View your employees' risk by selecting "View Employee Risk" on your User Management page, or by clicking this link: https://www.mythreatadvice.com/manage/users/risk_levels