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ThreatAdvice and Gulf Guard Cyber, A Gulf Guaranty Company, Partner to Create Total Cyber Awareness Solution

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama, May 4, 2018 –ThreatAdvice, a provider of cybersecurity education, awareness and threat intelligence, and Gulf Guard Cyber, a Gulf Guaranty company, that provides C-level executives and Boards of Directors ongoing visibility into their security posture, have partnered to create a total cybersecurity awareness package for their clients.  

ThreatAdvice and Gulf Guard Cyber will train a company’s personnel on potential cybersecurity threats and help raise awareness on the appropriate response when faced with various threatening cyber situations. They will also perform ongoing network cybersecurity vulnerability scans and provide Boards of Directors with intelligence on exactly how well security risks are being managed, as well as ideas on what questions they need to be asking the IT staff. The solution assists in maintaining compliance with regulatory statutes, in addition to helping your IT staff identify vulnerabilities prior to the auditors finding them, and helps the board stay up-to-date on compliance or overdue security objectives.

“The addition of ThreatAdvice to our CyberDirectorTM tool enables us to provide our clients with a solution that helps them to not only bridge the communication gap between IT providers and the board, but also identify and address both personnel and technological vulnerabilities, significantly strengthening their cyber intelligence and defense,” said Rob Blackmon, president of Gulf Guard Cyber, a Gulf Guaranty affiliate.

ThreatAdvice plans to integrate the CyberDirectorTM risk assessment tool into their current cyber security offerings and expand its application to different verticals outside of the financial industry. CyberDirectorTM complements ThreatAdvice’s current offerings that include a cyber awareness module comprised of phishing simulations, cybersecurity policies and procedures, awareness campaigns, email exposure scans, company threat plan and more. In addition to a cyber awareness module, ThreatAdvice also offers a cybersecurity education module that coaches employees on the skills needed to avoid cybercrime, and a threat intelligence module that provides threat intelligence on an industry or business  and helps companies to stay ahead of potential threats and become more proactive, more effective and more strategic about defenses.

“We are excited to partner with Gulf Guard Cyber,” said David Brasfield, CEO of ThreatAdvice. I have a long standing business relationship with their parent company Gulf Guaranty, who has provided valuable services to community financial institutions for a number of years. The reciprocity of our solutions makes this partnership a natural fit and one that I believe will serve each company well,” he said.

About ThreatAdvice

ThreatAdvice was founded in 2016 to provide companies of all types with comprehensive cybersecurity protection by offering tools to educate employees on good cyber practices, help identify and respond to an attack, simulate cyberattacks and provide actionable threat intelligence. The company currently has offices in Birmingham, AL, Orlando, FL and Chattanooga, TN. For more information visit threatadvice.com, email info@threatadvice.com or contact the company at 1.800.915.3381.

About Gulf Guard Cyber

For nearly 50 years Gulf Guaranty has been a trusted provider of insurance services to the community bank industry.  In addition, the company has a successful track record in technology. It led the way in loan automation software with its Gulf Pak division, ultimately serving nearly 800 banks nationwide. Today, Gulf Guaranty reignites their technology expertise with the CyberDirector risk analysis through Gulf Guard Cyber specifically designed to keep a Board abreast of their company’s cyber risk posture. For more information visit www.gulfguardcyber.com.