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ThreatAdvice Forms Cybersecurity Partnership with Hoover City Schools

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama, October 1, 2018 –ThreatAdvice, (threatadvice.com) a provider of cybersecurity education, awareness and threat intelligence will provide cybersecurity education and awareness to approximately 3,000 Hoover City Schools’ (www.hoovercityschools.net) employees. The services ThreatAdvice is providing include online cybersecurity education for teachers and administrators, phishing simulations and other awareness exercises and sample cybersecurity-related policies that the school system can adopt and employ.

In 2017 the U.S. Department of Education issued a Cyber Advisory Alert stating that K-12 school systems are facing a “new threat where the criminals are seeking to extort money from school districts and other educational institutions on the threat of releasing sensitive data from student records. In some cases, this has included threats of violence, shaming, or bullying children unless payment is received.”  Schools are especially tempting targets for cybercriminals, as they catalog and store personally identifiable information. Once stolen, this information can then be sold online.

“In the face of increasing and ever-changing cyber-attacks proactive education on how to protect our school system’s data and the personal information of our students is imperative,” said Bryan Phillips, CTO for Hoover City Schools. “ThreatAdvice provided a turnkey package with an online learning management system that was easy to implement and utilize and other awareness options that will keep cybersecurity preparedness on the forefront of Hoover City School employees’ minds,” he said.

A 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report cited 455 cybersecurity incidents in the education sector last year, a number that continues to increase.

“It’s not just big businesses that are targets of cyber-attacks,” said David Brasfield, CEO of ThreatAdvice. “Any organization or business that is responsible for a large amount or personal data is a target. And the more employees an organization has, the more potential entry points the bad guy has. That is why cyber education is so important for everyone,” he said. “ThreatAdvice is excited to partner with Hoover City Schools to provide cyber education and to be a small part of keeping our children’s data and identity information private,” he continued.


About ThreatAdvice

ThreatAdvice was founded in 2016 to provide entities of all types with comprehensive cybersecurity protection by offering tools to educate employees on good cyber practices, simulate cyberattacks through phishing exercises, and provide actionable real-time threat intelligence. For more information visit threatadvice.com, email info@threatadvice.com, or contact the company at 1.800.915.3381.


For more information contact:

Steve Hines, ThreatAdvice, 800.915.3381, shines@threatadvice.com  

Bryan Phillips, Chief Technology Officer, 205.439.1088, Hoover City Schools bphillips@hoover.k12.al.us