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NXTsoft and New Source Partner to Bring Cybersecurity Solutions to Over 20,000 Healthcare Providers

Birmingham, Ala., October 7, 2020 – NXTsoft (nxtsoft.com), a company focused on cybersecurity solutions and API connectivity today announced a partnership with New Source (yournewsource.com), a group purchasing organization dedicated to the healthcare market, to bring NXTsoft’s ThreatAdvice cybersecurity solutions to its customer base. By aggregating the purchasing power of 20,000 plus practices participating in the New Source program, the members receive a deeply discounted rate on Threat Advice and other solutions that New Source provides.

ThreatAdvice offers ThreatAdvice Educate, cybersecurity education and awareness platform that helps practices educate employees on proper cyber hygiene and helps prevent cyber-attacks by empowering employees to be the first line of defense, and ThreatAdvice vCISO, a comprehensive cybersecurity management system that provides cybersecurity oversight for all of a practice’s information technology.

New Source works with over 20,000 medical practices to help them discover better products and solutions, find better prices, and create a better business. Founders Jacqueline M. Byrum and Valerie Fulsom recognized the risk that cybersecurity threats posed to the medical practices they served and set out to evaluate solutions that could help mitigate those risks and ultimately selected NXTsoft cybersecurity solutions provider for the GPO they founded.

“Patients need to be able to trust their doctor and practice in all aspects of the relationship,” said Byrum, CEO of New Source. “After performing our due diligence on the ThreatAdvice solutions, we determined that ThreatAdvice Educate and ThreatAdvice vCISO were robust cybersecurity solutions that we needed to offer to our members. Every medical practice could be a victim of a cyber breach, resulting in devastating consequences should patient information become compromised, so they all need to implement measures to be prepared” she said.

“We are pleased that New Source recognized that value and protection that our ThreatAdvice cybersecurity solutions could offer their members,” said Brandon Jarrett, president of the ThreatAdvice division of NXTsoft. “We look forward to working with New Source clients to increase their cybersecurity education initiatives and remove the burden of systems security management so they can focus on other aspects of managing a successful practice,” he said.

About NXTsoft

NXTsoft headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., and its solutions include data security, data connectivity, data analytics, data management, and data migration. NXTsoft’s products and services help businesses secure, connect and optimize their data to maximize revenue opportunities, enhance profitability, and mitigate cybersecurity risk. For more information, visit www.nxtsoft.com, email info@nxtsoft.com or call 1-800-915-3381.

About New Source

Dedicated to helping healthcare providers deliver quality patient care, we pride ourselves on personalizing your GPO experience. With New Source, we guarantee that you get the best available product and the best available price. We utilize our established vendor relationships to deliver results that stand out from the competition. Our highly experienced and professional team at New Source is empowered with the information and tools to provide consistent customer service. For more information, visit www.yournewsource.com.