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NXTsoft Announces Spin-off of ThreatAdvice from Parent Company, Standing Up Its Cybersecurity and MSSP Solutions on Their Own

The ThreatAdvice Platform is expected to exceed $10M in revenue in the coming year.

Atlanta, Ga., November 15, 2021 – NXTsoft, a company focused on data security, data connectivity, data analytics, data management and data migration announced today that it is spinning off its ThreatAdvice division, which is focused on providing the highest standard of excellence in cybersecurity solutions, into its own company.

The new company, eponymously named ThreatAdvice after its cybersecurity brand, will be anchored by its flagship solution, ThreatAdvice vCISO (virtual chief information security officer), which utilizes a combination of employee education, skilled senior cybersecurity personnel and software, and sophisticated tracking and monitoring solutions to help businesses ensure that they are maximizing their cybersecurity posture.

In addition to ThreatAdvice vCISO, ThreatAdvice offers ThreatAdvice Educate, an employee cybersecurity education and phishing simulation solution that prepares an organization’s employees to serve as the first line of defense when it comes to cyber-attacks. ThreatAdvice’s Managed Security Services (MSSP) offers SOCaaS (24/7 security operations center), SIEM & advanced EDR and PEN testing among others.

“By spinning ThreatAdvice off from NXTsoft, we can focus on allocating the appropriate resources to continue to offer optimal solutions and exceptional service, while strengthening our marketing message,” said Brandon Jarrett, president of ThreatAdvice. “Most of NXTsoft’s other solutions are focused exclusively on the financial industry, while ThreatAdvice is industry agnostic. As both sides of the business continued to grow, the NXTsoft management team felt the time was right for ThreatAdvice to stand on its own,” Jarrett continued.

With over 500 active recurring customers and estimated ThreatAdvice software revenue growth of 50%+ in 2021, CEO David Brasfield believes that ThreatAdvice is well-poised to operate and thrive independently from NXTsoft.

“ThreatAdvice has proven solutions, an established customer base and robust pipeline,” said David Brasfield, CEO of NXTsoft and ThreatAdvice. “By separating ThreatAdvice from NXTsoft, we can focus more specifically on what has made the ThreatAdvice brand thrive and can continue to capitalize off that success,” he said.

While ThreatAdvice’s solutions can benefit any business, the company is focused on serving SLED, government contracting, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, transportation and financial industries.

ThreatAdvice’s headquarters will be in Atlanta, Ga., and the company has launched a standalone website at www.threatadvice.com.

About NXTsoft

NXTsoft is headquartered in Birmingham and has offices in Orlando, Atlanta, and Denver. NXTsoft is the market leader in secure, comprehensive, and complete workflow API connectivity, connecting fintech companies to banks and credit unions throughout the United States. NXTsoft’s other solutions include data analytics, data management and data migration. NXTsoft’s products and services help businesses secure, connect and optimize their data to maximize revenue opportunities and enhance profitability. For more information visit www.nxtsoft.com, email info@nxtsoft.com or call 1-800-915-3381. 

About ThreatAdvice

ThreatAdvice, headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., is focused on providing world-class cybersecurity solutions to a variety of industries. The company’s flagship service ThreatAdvice vCISO, serves to maximize a business or organization’s cybersecurity posture and is complemented by a standalone cybersecurity education solution ThreatAdvice Education, as well as a variety of MSSP solutions. For more information visit threatadvice.com or call 770-451-1111.