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Recognize Breaches and Mitigate Damage with NXTsoft's Data Breach Tool

Ever wondered if your email or domain name has been breached? With an ever increasing number of cyber attacks and breaches, it can be imperative to know if your email and domain are secure.

Domain hijacking or domain theft is defined as the act of changing the registration of a domain name without the permission of its original registrant, or by abuse of privileges on domain hosting and registrar software systems. This kind of cyber breach of course can be detrimental to the holder of the domain. Once a domain or email address is hacked, the hacker has access to control each of those, and this typically will lead to further malicious activity. Domain hackers can now use your domain and related addresses to access sensitive data such as customer info and even send out phishing attacks.

Namecheap.com lists 3 common reasons that your domain may be susceptible to hackers:

  1. Security failures of your domain provider - Resellers, registrars, and registries must provide a secure and reliable registration service. If a domain provider fails to provide adequate security, ICANN can step in. All accredited registrars must adhere to ICANNs registry agreement which covers such as spam, phishing, whois complaints and domain transfers.

  2. Your own negligence towards domains security - You should take responsibility in implementing proper cybersecurity practices to protect your domain.

  3. Weakness in the DNS - The domain name system (DNS) controls all website and email settings associated with your domain name. When visitors search for your domain name, a lookup is done through the DNS network, connecting the client computer to the destination server. If the DNS settings are changed, the visitor would land on a different website. From inception, DNS wasn’t designed with security in mind, which is why there are inherent vulnerabilities in the system.

Make security a priority to protect your domain and your business. NXTsoft's new Data Breach Tool will help you find out if you have been attacked. You can feel confident in this free tool because:

  • The list of verified data breaches is continually updated with new attacks being recorded whenever they're made public.
  • By using this service, you get access to the time of a breach, the number of breached accounts, and other details of an associated attack.
  • This information is accessible to anyone without the need for a password, and use of this tool does not expose any information.

By entering your domain name or email address into the box on NXTsoft's Data Breach Tool and clicking the green access button, you can find out if you've been attacked, and what you can do to better protect yourself in the future. Protecting data is only getting harder. Fortunately, recognizing data breaches quickly can help mitigate the damage.

You can find NXTsoft's Data Breach Tool here!