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ThreatAdvice and SlateXP Partner to Help Make Schools Safer Through Cyber Education and Device Monitoring

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama, April 26, 2018 –ThreatAdvice (threatadvice.com), a provider of cybersecurity education, awareness and threat intelligence, and SlateXP (learnsafe.com), creator of LearnSafe, a system that provides actionable data to help schools recognize and respond to potential threats identified when students or staff are utilizing school computers, have partnered to offer a comprehensive solution to help make schools safer.

Through cybersecurity education and awareness campaigns, ThreatAdvice will train school staff on potential cybersecurity threats and help ensure they respond appropriately to online threats that may result in the inadvertent release of confidential information or loss of school systems or resources.

Concurrently, LearnSafe from SlateXP, with 24/7 monitoring, real-time alerts and screenshots of online and offline activity, provides actionable data that helps schools quickly and effectively address and modify at risk behavior, improving the school culture in the process. LearnSafe alerts are triggered by subjects such as cyber bullying, drugs, guns, sexual predators and other at-risk behaviors.

The combined solution set of ThreatAdvice and LearnSafe protects schools and children from the dangers in a connected world,” said David Brasfield, CEO of ThreatAdvice. “Our combined solutions protect schools from anyone that uses technology for bullying, sexual harassment or any type of cybercrime such as ransomware,” he said.

Mobile County Public School System is the first public school system to implement the companies’ combined offering monitoring 25,000 computers and training 6,000 end users in cyber-preparedness to prevent potential breaches, but SlateXP president and CEO Lee Ross believes that other school systems will recognize the need to protect both their students and their data and will follow suit.

“Through the combined platforms of SlateXP and ThreatAdvice, we educate teachers, administrators and students to avoid cybercrime and monitor devices to identify at risk behavior as it happens,” said Ross. “Our overall goal is to utilize education and technology to make our schools safer,” he said.

About ThreatAdvice

ThreatAdvice was founded in 2016 to provide companies of all types with comprehensive cybersecurity protection by offering tools to educate employees on good cyber practices, help identify and respond to an attack, simulate cyberattacks and provide actionable threat intelligence. The company currently has offices in Birmingham, AL, Orlando, FL and Chattanooga, TN. For more information visit threatadvice.com, email info@threatadvice.com or contact the company at 1.800.915.3381.

About SlateXP

Since 2009, SlateXP has worked with schools and districts to improve the quality of education in the US. Our team is focused on providing safe and supportive learning environments. Our flagship product, LearnSafe, provides school staff with actionable data that identifies at-risk online behavior, protects vulnerable users, and ensures a culture of digital responsibility. SlateXP is located in Birmingham, AL. For more information visit www.learnafe.com or email us at info@slatexp.com.