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How to Protect Against Webcam Hacking

Did you know that hackers can pretty easily take over the small camera on your laptop or desktop computer and watch what you are doing in real-time?  Talk about feeling violated....
How do the bad guys do this? Typically they will trick you into clicking on an attachment in an email that allows them access to your computer.  Once they have access, they can easily watch what you are doing through the camera on the device.  If you see the little light next to the camera turn red and you are not using the camera, then someone is watching you.
How do you protect against this?  It actually is as simple as putting a piece of tape over the camera when it's not in use...which is the method used by Mark Zuckerberg.  Of course, make sure to NEVER click on any remotely suspicious link, and to keep all security patches up to date.
As cameras become more and more prevalent on devices of all types, it is imperative for us to be on high alert for the bad guys using the camera devices to literally spy on our every move.  After all, there are a lot of creepers out there.