Ransomware Recovery

What is Ransomware?

A ransomware is a type of malware that locks your files, data or the PC itself and extorts money from you in order to provide access. This is a new way for malware writers to ‘collect funds’ for their illegitimate activities on the web.

How does ransomware get on your computer?

Ransomware looks like a normal program or a plugin or an email with a ’normal’ looking attachment that gets installed without the user’s knowledge. As soon as it gets its access to the user’s system, it starts spreading across the system. Finally, at one point of time, the ransomware locks the system or particular files and restricts the user from accessing it. Sometimes, these files are encrypted. A ransomware Hacker demands a certain amount of money to provide the access or decrypt the files.

Types of Ransomware

Lock screen ransomware locks your system and demands ransom for letting you access it once again. The second type, i.e. the Encryption ransomware, changes the files in your system and demands money to decrypt them again.

Precautions against ransomware attacks

Until you know where your weaknesses are, you can’t develop a plan to strengthen them! Let ThreatAdvice devise a plan to help Protect you from Ransomware.

RANSOMWARE RECOVERY - having your data safely and securely backed up is of paramount importance when it comes to ransomware recovery. Talk to a ThreatAdvice professional to discuss your options.