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Cybersecurity Training Awareness Made Easy

After just 1 year of training, ThreatAdvice clients show a 64% improvement in their employees' click-through phishing rate.


Fight Cybercrime with ThreatAdvice

ThreatAdvice offers comprehensive cybersecurity training solutions to keep your organization safe from cyber threats.

Cybersecurity Training
Our video-based cybersecurity training courses are easy for employees to understand, and encourage engagement and completion.
Phishing Simulations
Quarterly phishing attack simulations put your employees’ newly developed skills to the test in real-world scenarios.
Policies Library
Access our extensive online repository of policies and procedures to create new policies, or supplement existing ones.

Prevent Cyber-Attacks and Empower Your Employees

An informed team is your first and best line of defense against a security breach, which is why our cybersecurity training for employees is designed to be both informative and interactive. 
ThreatAdvice’s cyber education awareness platform is designed to transform the way your team perceives and responds to digital threats, arming your people with the knowledge and tools to detect and deter a range of security risks.
The platform is not just a repository of information; it's an interactive, engaging educational experience that aims to improve employee understanding and retention using real-world scenarios and simulations that resonate with the daily experiences of professionals from all industries.
With greatly enhanced cyber awareness, your team will be better equipped to recognize and respond to phishing attempts, social engineering attacks, and other security threats, ultimately safeguarding your organization against potential breaches and cyber risks.
Let’s give your team the resources needed to increase their skills and confidence when it comes to thwarting cyber-attacks.

Building a Cyber-Resilient Workforce Beyond Awareness

ThreatAdvice’s cybersecurity awareness training programs redefine the approach to educating employees; rather than just providing information, we create a transformative learning experience that instills a deep-seated sense of cyber awareness in every participant.

Our interactive, video-based modules, interactive, video-based training modules will both educate and engage employees actively in the learning process. The dynamic and visually compelling content ensures higher engagement rates, leading to better understanding and retention of crucial cybersecurity principles.

These programs are regularly updated to reflect the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats, keeping your team ahead and prepared. And by incorporating the principles of micro-learning, our training ensures that each lesson is concise, focused, and impactful, catering to your busy schedule.

Phishing Training: Stay Sharp with Real-World Simulations

Phishing attacks are a particularly sly type of cyber-attack: official-looking emails and messages that request certain information, like login details, or ask the recipient to click on a link, directly target employees to gain access to business systems and digital assets.

We understand the severe consequences these attacks can have, and our cyber awareness platform provides dedicated phishing training to teach your people about the importance of email security and how to recognize phishing attempts.

Through interactive modules and phishing simulation tests, employees learn to spot the subtle signs of phishing and the steps to take from there, in line with your business’s security policies and procedures.

These simulations provide a safe environment for employees to apply their knowledge and sharpen their detection skills. This proactive approach both enhances their ability to respond to actual phishing attempts, and contributes to a broader understanding of cyber threats.


Knowledge is Power: Craft and Refine Your Security Strategies

An informed workplace is a secure workplace, and to support this, our security education platform provides access to an online repository of security policies and procedures for you to develop new cybersecurity plans or supplement your existing ones.

The library covers a wide range of topics, from email security to social engineering attacks, ensuring that your team has the information they need at their fingertips, supporting the development and reinforcement of an end-to-end cybersecurity awareness training program.

By familiarizing themselves with these resources, your employees can better align their actions with the company’s overall cyber risk strategy, contributing to a more secure and resilient business environment.

ThreatAdvice Cyber Awareness Training Platform: What’s Included?


Written and Video Classes in Micro-Training Format: Concise, impactful lessons catering to diverse learning preferences and busy schedules.

Unlimited Phishing Simulations On Demand: Practical, real-world scenarios to continuously test and refine employees' ability to detect and respond to phishing attempts.

Individual Employee Risk Level Scorecard: Personalized assessments that identify each employee's cybersecurity strengths and areas for improvement.

Detailed Audit Reporting: Provides in-depth insights into the effectiveness and engagement levels of the cybersecurity training program.

Frank Abagnale Cyber Academy: Exclusive content from a renowned cybersecurity expert, enhancing the depth and relevance of the training.

Company Threat Plan: A customized strategy tailored to address specific cybersecurity needs and vulnerabilities of your organization.

Policies Library: A comprehensive repository of up-to-date policies and procedures to guide and inform cybersecurity best practices.

Employee Tracking: Advanced tools to monitor and report on individual employee progress and engagement in the cybersecurity awareness training.

Mobile Friendly Interface: Ensures accessibility and convenience, allowing employees to engage with training modules anytime, anywhere.

Trivia & Gamification: Interactive and fun learning experiences designed to increase engagement and retention of cybersecurity concepts.

Multiple New Courses Added Monthly: Keeps the training content fresh and aligned with the latest cyber threats and trends.

A Simple Plan for Every Company

Protect your organization from cyber threats with our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions and expert guidance

After just 1 year of training, ThreatAdvice clients show a 64% improvement in their employees' click-through phishing rate.

  • “ThreatAdvice is easy to use and easy to get tech support as needed. A great training tool for our staff.”
    David Kostiak
    University of Scranton Police Department
  • “VERY easy to use and understand. Out of a firm of 70, no one has to ask me for help with how to use it.”
    Kari Wolfe
    Hartmann, Blackmon, & Kilgore, P.C.

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