So What Is Blockchain Anyway?

In today’s increasingly digital environment, companies must innovate at a rapid pace to remain competitive and, quite frankly, to remain even relevant. If you are an old dog and don’t like to learn new tricks, the unfortunate reality is that you quite possibly will be left far behind.

One of the most impactful new technologies is called Blockchain.  While it’s not in the forefront of many discussions today, over the next few years Blockchain could quite possibly totally ‘reinvent the infrastructure’ of the entire global financial systems and markets.  That’s quite a task, but early indications are that Blockchain could be a game changer in the order of credit cards or paper money.

What exactly is Blockchain?  In today’s financial markets, currency is beginning to be exchanged virtually between parties directly rather than through normal means such as credit cards, EFT’s, etc. Just think of bitcoin to get an idea....

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So You Wanna Be A Cyber Criminal?

The real question is - will it ever stop?  The cyber criminals of today continue to evolve and mutate and sophisticate, reminiscent of the Orcs in Lord of the Rings. And, all of the good guys are left struggling in the bad guys' wakes, trying to figure out how to fight all of these new schemes. Unfortunately, the latest scheme might take the cake...at least so far.

It's called "Ransomware as a service" or "Crime as a service", and is widely available on the dark web. With this service, even the most nontechnical person alive can become a cyber criminal.  This scheme basically involves the malware creators of today leasing the ability to launch attacks out to people who want to get in on the game but don't possess the technical expertise.  Think software as a service with nefarious purposes. Once engaged, the "client" will receive a "getting started" guide with help on which file types to use to send out...

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Petra RMS & ThreatAdvice Form Cyber Insurance Company

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama, March 16, 2017 – Petra RMS and ThreatAdvice have partnered together to form CyberDefendInsurance (CDI). CDI will provide ThreatAdvice clients with cybersecurity insurance, along with other P&C insurance lines. 

As businesses rely more and more on automated technologies and are storing increasingly large amounts of valuable customer data, the associated business risks are increasing dramatically. As opposed to most business liability policies that do a poor job in covering cyber breach events, CyberDefendInsurance provides robust, comprehensive cyber liability policies that help these enterprises significantly mitigate the risks associated with a cyber breach. 

ThreatAdvice and Petra RMS are excited to join together for this important venture.

About Petra RMS

Petra RMS was founded in 2015. They provide risk assessments for their clients to determine the appropriate products and resources needed, and specialize in...

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Convenience Can Be Costly While Traveling

Everyone has done it...phone battery running low, free charging station in the airport or convention center, plug in for a few minutes to get you to your next stop or appointment.  If this is you, you best beware because cyber crooks have figured out how to use this to their advantage.

Many public places now have free charging stations, complete with different cables for different devices.  Unfortunately, hackers have figured out how to rig those stations so they can watch and record everything you do on your device while it's plugged in. Connect to your contacts - they can see it and record it.  Connect to online banking - they can see it and record it.  Email, text, IM - same thing.

With this new threat of "video jacking", from the moment you plug in to the moment you unplug, your activity is there for the bad guys to see and record.  All the cybercriminal needs to hide is an HDMI splitter and a recorder in the charging station(sounds kind of...

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ThreatAdvice Brings Three New Salesmen Onboard

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama, February 28, 2017 – ThreatAdvice brings on three new salesmen to support the overwhelming demand for comprehensive cybersecurity. Paul Phillips, Doug White, and Darryl Brasfield are excited to be joining the ThreatAdvice team.



Paul Phillips practiced law as a trial attorney in Birmingham, Alabama for 36 years. He received a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Marketing from Samford University in 1973, and later received his Juris Doctor in law from Cumberland School of Law in 1976. Paul began a new journey by embracing and establishing a new career using his marketing skills and legal background as a sales representative in the software field with law firms, healthcare, title companies, and small businesses. Paul is a member of the Alabama Bar Association, Alabama Trial Lawyers Association and is a Certified Mediator.  He is involved with the The Simon Cyrene Foundation and Jimmy Hale...

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