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Would Your Employees Recognize A Cyber Attack?

ThreatAdvice prepares your employees to prevent a cyber-attack on your organization. What is your current cybersecurity preparedness level? Get ThreatAdvice’s customized Phishing Analysis Report and see where your overall enterprise stands in terms of cyber awareness and preparedness.

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Employees who are cyber-prepared play a vital role in protecting your enterprise. Conversely, employees who do not practice good cyber hygiene create a very vulnerable enterprise security risk. With the meteoric rise of phishing and ransomware, one wrong move by an employee can wreak havoc on your network and assets. The ThreatAdvice cybersecurity education platform trains each person on how to have good cyber practices, and how to avoid cyber disaster.

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The need for properly training your employees on cybersecurity risks and ways to mitigate those risks is at an all-time high. Cyber is now the number one threat to our national security.

Huge data breaches are occurring almost daily, and criminals now operate in the cyber world very efficiently and effectively. Over 90% of all enterprise cyber breaches occur because of an unsuspecting employee not being prepared in the basic steps of cybersecurity?


ThreatAdvice can assist you in assessing your cyber preparedness with our Phish Simulator, which will allow you to actually send phantom attacks and see where your overall enterprise stands in terms of cyber awareness and preparedness. Until you know where your weaknesses are, you can’t develop a plan to strengthen them.

Assessment Tools

Our comprehensive menu of cybersecurity assessment tools will help management determine where the institution stands in terms of being cyber-prepared, and to identify any weaknesses in the overall organizational schematic. These tools will define any factors contributing to overall cyber risk, and provide appropriate strategies to help mitigate these risks.

Ransomware Backup

Ransomware is malware that locks up your network and information, and then demands a ransom to be paid before you get your information back. This is a billion dollar industry, and is growing day by day. The best way to avoid being a victim of ransomware is to have safe and secure data backup that is not connected in any way to your network. Let our business partners talk to you about the logistics of keeping your data safe.


Many enterprises and institutions of today think that their normal umbrella liability policy has them covered for cyber incidents, and only about 1/3 have specific cyber insurance.

The bad news is that many are finding that their current liability policies leave them woefully and inadequately covered for cyber incidents…just ask Sony and their estimated $171m hard cost that could have been offset by cyber insurance.


The extensive ThreatAdvice White Paper library will provide everyone in your organization with meaningful, valuable, and extensive information on the most salient cybersecurity topics of the day. This easily accessible information will help each person become more cyber-safe and cyber-sound, and protect your organization from the many prevalent cybersecurity threats.