According to leading industry and government reports, 90% of all cyber breaches occur because an employee was not educated on the basic steps of cybersecurity.

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What is ThreatAdvice?

See How ThreatAdvice Makes Protecting Your Organization Easy

1. Cybersecurity EDUCATION Module

ThreatAdvice’s Learning Management System coaches your employees on the skills needed to avoid cyber crime. Employee progress is monitored through a dashboard allowing management to report on overall completion and success rates. CLE and CPE credits available for some states.

2. Cybersecurity AWARENESS Module

ThreatAdvice can assist in the creation of a cyber risk profile and will assess your organization’s weaknesses using various tools including phishing simulations, network exposure scans, email exposure scans and more.


Gain valuable threat intelligence on your industry or business. Receive alerts on situations that directly threaten your organization or industry. Stay ahead of potential threats and become more proactive, more effective, and more strategic about defenses.

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ThreatAdvice Helps Value Added Resellers Improve Their Bottom Line

Why Cyber Education?

ThreatAdvice has developed a comprehensive program to assist Value Added Resellers in delivering cybersecurity education and awareness tools to organizations of all types in a way that makes sense for everyone involved. There is currently a huge demand for more cyber education and awareness training for businesses in the United States. In 2017 businesses experienced over 1,579 data breaches exposing 178,960 million records, with the United States leading countries with the highest average annualized cost of cyber-attacks. Every company that has employees has a need for cyber education and awareness.

Why ThreatAdvice?

ThreatAdvice is unique in that our cybersecurity education solutions offer over 130 "micro-learning" courses that include 3-5 minute videos, white papers, quizzes, and tracking. Studies have shown that micro-learning creates 50% more user engagement and makes the transfer of learning 17% more efficient than traditional learning methods. Additionally, ThreatAdvice’s Awareness Module offers advanced phishing and scanning, and our Threat Intelligence Module equips organizations to stay proactively up-to-date on the latest threats specific to their business. Finally NXTQ, our gamification component, serves to increase user engagement.

Why ThreatAdvice for VARs?

ThreatAdvice’s complete Cybersecurity Package for VARS includes a multi-tenant console for full management from single pane and the ability to grey label, brand as your own or customize for clients. We offer customized web access links specific to you or your clients, SSO integration for Active Directory and a full array of reporting options - client specific or aggregated. In addition we provide a grey labeled quarterly Cybersecurity Journal that you can use for education and marketing.

ThreatAdvice is committed to nurturing our VAR relationships and ensuring that our solution is easy-to-implement, intuitive and a benefit to your bottom line.


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Cyberbytes February 2019


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