What is ThreatAdvice?

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What is ThreatAdvice?

Did you know that 90% of all cyber attacks are successfully executed with information stolen from employees who unwittingly give away their system ID and access credentials to hackers? ThreatAdvice can help protect your business! Our affordable, best in class cyber education and awareness platform will help you to understand the vulnerabilities and risks your business faces and will arm you with the knowledge and tools to protect your organization.

Our team of cyber experts become your full-time cybersecurity partner-through comprehensive employee cyber education, a cyber hotline that is available 24/7, emergency data response, ongoing risk awareness through phishing campaigns, cyber policies and procedures library, and more.

ThreatAdvice analyzes your risk environment, educates your people, and performs assessment exercises and simulations so that you AND YOUR TEAM are cyber-prepared.

1. Cybersecurity EDUCATION Module

Educate your employees on the skills needed to avoid cybercrime.

2. Cybersecurity AWARENESS Module

Utilize tools such as phishing simulation, network exposure scans, and email exposure scans.


Intelligence on cyber threats that effect your specific company and industry.

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