Meet Our Partners

We actively work with these companies and organizations to bring the best possible solution to market each day.


Meet Our Partners

Every successful business forms strong partnerships with other like-minded organizations. ThreatAdvice’s goal is to help combat new cybersecurity risks for all businesses and are always looking for new partners who share our vision. We currently have partnerships with these notable companies.

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BankerAdviceBankerAdvice is a sister company of ThreatAdvice. BankerAdvice acts as a clearinghouse for information between financial institutions and vendors. The comprehensive database helps FinTech vendors reach more financial institutions with as minimal legwork as possible and financial institutions have ready access to the information they need to perform due diligence and make an informed purchasing decision. Preferred vendors with BankerAdvice can place their company information, product details, pricing and peer reviews all at a financial institution’s fingertips.

Alabama Society of Certified Public Accountants - The Alabama Society of Certified Public Accountants (ASCPA), a statewide, professional membership organization representing Alabama CPAs in public practice, industry, government and education, endorses ThreatAdvice as its cybersecurity education provider. ASCPA partnered with ThreatAdvice to provide members with a vital product in protecting against cyber threats and also to offer innovative product learning opportunities. Within the ThreatAdvice platform, ASCPA CPAs are able to obtain 14 self-study hours of continuing education credits.

Northern Alabama FBI Threat Awareness Council - ThreatAdvice is a charter member of this council that coordinates the sharing of information relative to cyber matters between the FBI and commercial enterprise community members.

Springhouse Compliance - Springhouse Compliance was formed to deliver affordable, high-quality software solutions and services to US financial institutions. Its flagship solutions are FiHub, which delivers comprehensive online training solution for compliance officers and board members and AuditBridge, a solution that streamlines audits and examinations for financial institutions.

AuditBridge - AuditBridge is an integrated solution for risk management and audit that streamlines the process of risk assessments by allowing the financial institution the ability to customize risk templates and documenting the complete risk assessment process for senior management, board of directors and examiners.

FiHub - A FiHub Premium Membership provides financial institutions a place to obtain unlimited compliance and board training, access educational webinars, learn from weekly newsletters and stay up-to-date on all things compliance. The Online Education System provides whiteboarding, or animated videos, course outlines and includes Certificates of Completion and CRCM credits. FiHub Premium also includes other features such as Online Recorded Board Training on topics such as BSA, Unfair Deceptive Abusive Acts or Practices, Fair Lending/Regulation B, and Regulation O, along with training webinars presented by various speakers covering topics related to financial institutions and much more.

LearnSafe - LearnSafe from SlateXP, with 24/7 monitoring, real-time alerts and screenshots of online and offline activity, provides actionable data that helps schools quickly and effectively address and modify at risk behavior, improving the school culture in the process. LearnSafe alerts are triggered by subjects such as cyber bullying, drugs, guns, sexual predators and other at-risk behaviors.

Gulf Guard Cyber - For nearly 50 years Gulf Guaranty has been a trusted provider of insurance services to the community bank industry. In addition, the company has a successful track record in technology. It led the way in loan automation software with its Gulf Pak division, ultimately serving nearly 800 banks nationwide. Today, Gulf Guaranty reignites their technology expertise with the CyberDirector risk analysis through Gulf Guard Cyber specifically designed to keep a Board abreast of their company’s cyber risk posture.

CoachSafely - The Coach Safely Foundation is an education and non-profit focused on educating volunteer youth coaches on keeping young athletes safe from preventable injury. Through proper education of volunteer coaches, the Coach Safely Foundation hopes to reduce the number of injuries in youth sports The Coach Safely Foundation feels that proper education in the event of a significant injury is extremely critical in rural areas where immediate access to health care is not always available and that any coach knowing what to do in the event of a significant injury may prevent long-term or permanent damage to a young athlete.

Children's of Alabama - ThreatAdvice has partnered with Children's of Alabama along with the STOP Program and Encore Rehabilitation, to address the requirements of the recently passed Alabama House Bill 9 that mandates that all unpaid and volunteer youth athletics association personnel complete a youth injury mitigation course annually.

If you are interested in a potential partnership with ThreatAdvice, please contact us at 1-800-915-3381 or