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    Cybersecurity for Education

    ThreatAdvice can help school systems defend against cyberattacks.

    Having sufficient cybersecurity protocols is vital for schools systems as lack of cybersecurity can lead to exposure of confidential information and significant monetary loss.

    Incident Response Plan for Schools

    It is recommended that schools develop and implement an Incident Response Plan to cover cybersecurity events.  Schools maintain sensitive data on students, and it is critical to keep the information as secure as possible.  An Incident Response Plan will minimize the effects of a cyber event. The objective of an Incident Response Plan is to provide assistance to a school system during a breach from the beginning to the end with a fast recovery time-frame. 

    With the ThreatAdvice Incident Response Plan Kit for School Systems, we take the burden off the school system.  Many schools have a limited Information Technology staff therefore developing and implementing an Incident Response Plan is difficult.  The kit includes various features which are customized to the school system. 

    • Customized Information Security Policy which includes approximately 30 policies (outlined in the attached information) 
    • Customized Incident Response Plan 
    • During the customization process meetings with be scheduled with the school’s IT Department to obtain information needed to customize the policies and plan to cover the school’s IT Infrastructure. 
    • ThreatAdvice will conduct Table Top exercises to confirm the effectiveness of the plan 
    • Data Breach Notification 
    • Develop Vulnerability Remediation Time-frame
    • Develop Incident Classification 
    • Notification Time-frame
    • Key Control Management Console 
    • Powerpoint Presentation to train Incident Response Plan Assignees 
    • Define Electronic Incidents /Develop Electronic Response 
    • Define Physical Incidents /Develop Physical Response 
    • Annual Security Risk Assessment 
    • Breach Assistance 

    In addition to the customization and implementation process ThreatAdvice will conduct ongoing servicing to keep all features/policies update.  Table Top exercises will be conducted annually along with annual training of the Incident Response Plan Assignees. 

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    Further Protect Your Success

    Employee knowledge of cybersecurity basics is pivotal in successfully guarding schools from attacks and ThreatAdvice Educate offers innovative cyber education and awareness solutions to match the needs of the governmental industry. ThreatAdvice’s customizable policies and procedures regarding cybersecurity processes can be a comprehensive cybersecurity solution for school systems

    The ThreatAdvice Breach Prevention Platform also acts as an overarching cybersecurity plan to take out the worry of cybersecurity policies and procedures for schools. A Virtual Chief Information Officer oversees cybersecurity throughout for your company and alerts you of any issues.  Using a comprehensive cybersecurity solution like ThreatAdvice will prepare government contractors to successfully defend their business against cyber-attacks and keep contracts and data safe.

    Watch the Video

    Watch our video on why hackers are targeting schools and how ThreatAdvice can help protect your data.

    Breach Prevention Platform

    Gain an experienced security team without increasing your headcount

    Cybersecurity Education

    Cybersecurity training, awareness and phishing simulations for your employees

    Recent Updates on Cybersecurity Services for Education

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