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ThreatAdvice offers online cyber education for law firms that includes the basics of cybersecurity and customized modules that relate specifically to practicing lawyers.

Law firms are built on reputation management, so it is more important now than ever to stay well-informed of the most current developments and best practices in cybersecurity. This high level of importance in staying cyber-ready for law firms is due to the very sensitive nature of the information they maintain-whether it’s private client data, communications with other attorneys, settlement discussions, or significant financial information.

Unfortunately, the legal profession seems to be behind the curve when it comes to cybersecurity, and cyber criminals have noticed. This has led to a substantial increase in cyberattacks on law firms. As a matter of fact, many experts list legal firms as one of the very top targets for the cyber criminals of today. And cyber criminals do not discriminate. It is not only the large practices that are attacked – practices with only twelve lawyers have been infected with malware because one employee clicked on an errant email attachment. Unfortunately, that one click can be the sole factor of a practice closing its doors for good.

Cybersecurity can no longer be relegated to the IT department. A culture of cyber awareness and proper cyber hygiene needs to be introduced top down and each employee needs to understand how important his or her role is in protecting the firm from cyber threats.

ThreatAdvice offers a complete cybersecurity education and awareness training for law firms that includes the basics of cybersecurity and customized modules that relate specifically to the legal profession. Cyber education at a non-technical level is paramount to successfully protecting every law firm. ThreatAdvice offers unique and cutting-edge cyber education and awareness solutions to meet these needs for law firms. Through our intuitive cybersecurity learning management, to simulated phishing attacks, to our Company Threat Plan, we can help protect your firm. Additionally, ThreatAdvice provides customizable policies and procedures regarding cybersecurity processes that your firm can customize to meet its needs.

Not only is cybersecurity something that a firm needs to do to as a means of protecting itself, but it is also something a firm must do if it wants to continue getting business. Many clients and prospective clients are now demanding that law firms show proof of cybersecurity protection and prevention plans in fear of their data being exposed if their lawyer is hacked.

Law firms that ignore cyber threats and are ill-prepared for defending against or recovering from a breach risk losing millions of dollars for their companies or their clients…or both. Having robust cyber education is an absolute must in helping law firms avoid costly cyber breaches and the repercussions that could stem from them.