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    AuditBridge: Audit and Risk Management is Easy with ThreatAdvice

    AuditBridge empowers your auditors to concentrate on overseeing your risk management, compliance, audit reports, recommendations, and their implementation in alignment with your financial institution's strategy and risk tolerance.

    What Is AuditBridge?

    AuditBridge enables your auditors to focus on how you manage your risks, compliance, audit reports, audit recommendations and implementation of recommendations according to the financial institution’s strategy and risk appetite, promoting transparency, accountability, increased ROI while avoiding redundancies and additional risks.

    Audit / Monitoring Checklists – Replace your old audit checklists with current / updated checklists which are integrated into the auditing process.

    Organize Audits – to minimize time and maximize output for all audit / monitoring events including internal, outsourced, and regulatory audits.

    Project Manager – manage your next regulatory examination within AuditBridge

    Risk Assessment Templates – develop institution wide risk assessments documenting the complete rating process (inherent, risk controls, and residual). Includes a follow-up process whereby you can schedule your next risk assessment and assign it to an employee. You don’t have to start the risk assessment process from scratch each year - copy the previous year’s risk assessment and make edits.

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    Quick Benefits & Features

    • Exception tracking
    • Centralized location for all audit reports and work papers including internal and external audits
    • Customizable risk assessment feature with follow-up capability
    • Scheduling calendar for upcoming audits
    • Notification system for assigned tasks, scheduled audits, etc.
    • Audit prep resources
    • Checklists and guides built into the system
    • Unlimited users
    • Unlimited storage

    What Our Customers Say

    • "When I began my search for an audit management product, I was looking for an easy to use, feature-packed software that included comprehensive audit checklists, risk assessments and audit scheduling. AuditBridge provides those features and much more. It saves us time and reduces our costs. I couldn’t be happier."
      Jenny Phillips
      AVP of Compliance and Core Systems Officer - First Piedmont Federal
    • AuditBridge has allowed me to streamline both my Risk Assessment Process and my Internal Compliance Review process. The included Risk Assessment templates are highly detailed and allow the user to clearly document the control environment. The reporting feature makes tracking review exceptions a breeze. I’d recommend the product to anyone looking to find efficiencies in their processes.
      Matt Meynardie
      Compliance Officer - Central State Bank

    Recent Updates on Audit Bridge and Risk Management

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