Cybersecurity for Healthcare

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Cybersecurity in a healthcare setting presents challenges, unlike other business environments. The highly sensitive nature of healthcare records makes them a particularly attractive target for cyber criminals, and a breach of healthcare records can pose a great risk to your enterprise. And, cybersecurity threats in a healthcare enterprise can have an impact that reaches across the entire organization.

Medical records command top dollar on the black market because they contain an extensive amount of personal identifying information which can be used to open fake accounts, commit fraud, or even for blackmail. If a health-related company does not do a good job at protecting this information, they can be hit with regulatory fines, sued by the patients, and incur many other reputational and monetary costs.

Whether you are a doctor, a P.A., an R.N., or fill up the medical supplies cabinets-you need to thoroughly understand cyber best practices. ThreatAdvice can help all enterprise members become cyber aware and cyber prepared.