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    SOC as a Service

    Holistic Protection for Your Business

    Rest easy knowing that your IT environment is under continuous monitoring by experienced SOC analysts who will ensure that any threat is swiftly identified and mitigated.

    Proactive threat hunting
    Reduce false positives
    Comply with regulations
    Mitigate cyber threats
    Strengthen security posture
    Advanced threat intelligence

    Minimize the Risk of Security Breaches with ThreatAdvice SOCaaS

    Protecting sensitive data, ensuring compliance, and maintaining operational integrity are more challenging than ever – but effectively mitigating risks in-house requires significant attention, investments, and skills.

    Instead, leverage ThreatAdvice’s Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS): a cost-effective full service that gives you access to experienced security professionals and advanced tools without the overhead costs.

    As a leading SOC service provider, ThreatAdvice provides managed SOC services including continuous monitoring, threat detection and response, and proactive threat hunting to defend your systems and networks from malicious threats.

    Our SOCaaS is backed by a team of highly skilled security professionals, including SOC analysts and incident responders, who are dedicated to protecting your business. Their expertise and commitment to excellence ensure your IT environment remains secure.

    With our managed SOC services, you gain access to a comprehensive, scalable, and cost-effective solution without the hassle and expense of managing it internally.

    Frontline of Fraud Protection Services

    Discover the Managed SOC Services Your Business Needs

    Partnering with ThreatAdvice for your Security Operations Center (SOC) services means leveraging the expertise of top SOC analysts and incident responders who are dedicated to protecting your business. 

    Our SOC analysts and security professionals provide round-the-clock monitoring of your IT environment to immediately detect and address any suspicious activity, minimizing the risk of a security breach.

    We leverage cutting-edge technologies, including AI, machine learning, and sophisticated Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) integrations, enabling our team to detect and respond to threats quickly and effectively.

    Our SOCaaS integrates extensive threat intelligence feeds from multiple sources, providing a comprehensive view of the global threat landscape. This intelligence includes data on new vulnerabilities, attack vectors, and tactics used by cybercriminals, enabling us to anticipate and defend against potential threats. 

    By incorporating this intelligence into our security operations, we can proactively adjust our defenses and respond more effectively to new threats.

    We Integrate SOC and SIEM for Holistic Protection

    Our SOCaaS seamlessly integrates with our managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform, SecureGuard SIEM, to provide a comprehensive and cohesive security solution. This integration provides a holistic view of your security posture, enabling more effective threat detection and response.

    SecureGuard SIEM correlates data from multiple sources, including network devices, servers, applications, and endpoints. Our managed SIEM aggregates this data, while our SOC analysts use it to identify patterns and detect anomalies that could indicate a security threat.

    The integration also enables automated response and orchestration capabilities. When a threat is detected, our managed SIEM can trigger automated responses, such as isolating affected systems or blocking malicious IP addresses. Our SOCaaS team then takes over to perform detailed investigations and manual interventions as needed.

    Experience how a seamless integration, advanced threat detection, and proactive protection can enhance your overall security posture and ensure you receive the highest level of protection.

    Enhanced Check Fraud Protection for Financial Institutions

    Proactive Threat Detection Keeping You Ahead of Cyber-Attacks

    Our SOCaaS leverages advanced threat detection technologies, including AI and machine learning, to identify and neutralize sophisticated cyber threats that traditional security systems might miss. 

    We integrate these advanced technologies to analyze vast amounts of data in real-time, recognizing patterns and anomalies indicative of malicious activity. This high level of automation and intelligence enables us to detect threats faster and with greater accuracy, reducing the likelihood of false positives and ensuring that genuine threats are promptly addressed. 

    Our expert SOC analysts meticulously manage false positives, ensuring that only genuine security events are escalated. This reduces alert fatigue and allows us to focus on real threats.

    By continually updating our detection algorithms with the latest threat intelligence, we ensure that your defenses are equipped to handle the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

    Identify and Address Vulnerabilities Before They’re Exploited

    We don’t just react to threats; we actively hunt for them. Unlike traditional security measures that react to known threats, threat hunting focuses on uncovering hidden, advanced threats that might evade conventional detection methods.

    By identifying unusual patterns and behaviors, our threat hunters can detect potential threats at their earliest stages, allowing us to neutralize them before they can escalate into full-blown attacks. 

    This proactive stance significantly enhances your overall security posture and ensures that your defenses are always one step ahead of cybercriminals.


    Minimize Damage and Downtime with Our Rapid Incident Response

    In the event of a security incident, you can be confident that our team of skilled incident responders is ready to act quickly. 

    When a threat is detected, our incident responders spring into action to contain and neutralize the threat, reducing its impact on your business operations. Our incident response process includes immediate actions to isolate affected systems, conduct forensic analysis to understand the nature and scope of the incident, and implement remediation steps to prevent recurrence. 

    With a well-defined incident response plan and a team of experienced responders, we ensure that any disruption caused by security incidents is minimized, allowing your business to quickly recover and continue operating smoothly. 

    These rapid response capabilities are crucial in limiting the damage and downtime associated with cyber-attacks.

    Keep Your Business Secured Around the Clock

    ThreatAdvice’s approach to managed SOC services ensures comprehensive protection, proactive threat management, and peace of mind knowing that your business is fully safeguarded and compliant.

    We assist you in meeting regulatory compliance requirements and ensuring that your business adheres to industry standards, to better protect sensitive data and maintain customer loyalty.

    Our managed SOC as a Service is also designed to grow with your business, offering scalable and cost-effective solutions that reduce the financial burden of maintaining an in-house Security Operations Center. We provide comprehensive vulnerability management services, identifying and addressing weaknesses in your security systems to prevent potential breaches.

    Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is protected by the best in the industry.


    Strengthen Your Security Posture with ThreatAdvice SOCaaS 

    When you choose our Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS), you are partnering with a premier Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) dedicated to providing unparalleled managed SOC services.
    Our SOCaaS encompasses a full spectrum of managed SOC services, including continuous monitoring, threat detection and response, and proactive threat hunting. By integrating this with our managed SIEM platform, our team of expert analysts can detect security events, and respond swiftly and effectively.
    Get the confidence that comes from knowing your IT systems, network, and data is under 24/7 monitoring by experienced security professionals. Our expertise will keep your business in capable hands.