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ThreatAdvice Breach Prevention Platform

Gain an Experienced Security Team for Your SMB Without Increasing Your Headcount

For small businesses or organizations seeking more robust cybersecurity measures, yet constrained by limited resources or budget, ThreatAdvice’s Breach Prevention Platform offers an ideal fit.

Take Cyber Threats Seriously

Data security is your business’ biggest threat and the one that is the hardest to manage. The threat landscape facing cybersecurity professionals has evolved significantly. Data and cybersecurity are one of the most prevalent concerns facing all businesses today and proper measures, a robust security program, and protection are vital to ensure that your business does not suffer. Checking a box for compliance purposes could get you through an audit, but you could suffer mightily in the future if you don’t understand what you are checking off! Security awareness is vital.

Unfortunately, many small to mid-sized businesses can’t afford to attract and retain a full-time CISO to ensure comprehensive oversight and security architecture in these areas. According to Salary.com the average salary for an in-house CISO is $220K annually, with $268K in total compensation, and that’s IF you can find someone in your area with the skills for the job.

Lighten Your Security Burden

ThreatAdvice Breach Prevention Platform is our flagship software solution that provides the cybersecurity oversight your organization needs. If you have a cybersecurity issue, ThreatAdvice Breach Prevention Platform will provide ongoing risk assessment and vulnerability management and also alert you and advise as to what actions you need to take. More importantly utilizing the ThreatAdvice Breach Prevention Platform ensures that the proper solutions and protocols are in place so that the likelihood of a cybersecurity event is significantly reduced.

The ThreatAdvice Breach Prevention Platform provides employee cybersecurity training and education, intelligence on potential cyber threats and a comprehensive cybersecurity monitoring solution delivered through our proprietary dashboard. Your ThreatAdvice Breach Prevention Platform dashboard allows you to communicate securely with a cybersecurity expert, access completed reports and policies, view upcoming and completed tasks and more. With the ThreatAdvice Breach Prevention Platform your security information is warehoused in one place with oversight and interpretation during  a monthly call with your cybersecurity expert.

“Having a Chief Information Security Officer is more important than ever... and more expensive. The ThreatAdvice Breach Prevention Platform is a wonderful solution for many organizations.”

Frank Abagnale, Former “Catch Me If You Can” Con-artist Turned 40+ Year FBI Consultant

The ThreatAdvice Breach Prevention Platform Includes

  • Monthly Call with Cybersecurity Expert
  • Breach Prevention Software Platform
  • Monthly Technology Assessment
  • Internal & External Vulnerability Scans (up to 150 devices)
  • Cybersecurity Education and Awareness Platform for Employees
  • Ongoing Phishing Campaigns
  • Cybersecurity Policy Template Library w/ Acknowledgement Features
  • Annual Cybersecurity Board Training
  • Custom Threat Intelligence Feed
  • Custom Dashboard for Security Tools
  • Cybersecurity Content Management Library
  • Annual Security Risk Assessment (SRA)
  • Access to Cybersecurity Incident Response Team
  • Cybersecurity Customized Website Content

Take a Look

Get a quick overview of our ThreatAdvice solutions to see how you can protect your success.

Ensure You're Properly Managing Third Party Vendor Risk

Use our free tool to better understand the environment and structure of your mission critical and major vendors.


What Our Clients Say

At ThreatAdvice, we pride ourselves on delivering unbeatable solutions and services. But don't take our word for it - take theirs:

  • “The ThreatAdvice Breach Prevention Platform allows us to have the same level of expertise that any very large institution could have.”
    Mitt Schroeder
    Central State Bank
  • “The ThreatAdvice Breach Prevention Platform filled our needs for us without having to take on the expense of an in-house CISO.”
    Grantland Rice III
    Cobbs Allen
  • “The ThreatAdvice Breach Prevention Platform ensures that we’re taking the highest precautionary measures to prevent a breach.”
    Bryan Phillips
    Hoover City Schools
  • “It's really taking a load off both myself and my team, and given us a ton of tools and confidence.”
    Chip Moore
    First Bank of Alabama
  • Excellent, personalized customer service and a smooth onboarding experience. You can tell that they have a good company culture. They took great care of us, and we've recommended them to many others since then.
    Jessie Wallace
    Community Connections


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