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By now, most states have or are in the process of establishing or adopting detailed cybersecurity regulations for financial institutions that contain language requiring financial institutions to:

  • • Adopt a cybersecurity program, including appropriate policies and procedures based on a risk assessment to identify threats and protect against cyberattacks
  • • Provide training awareness programs that are updated each year based on an annual risk assessment

Strict cybersecurity regulations from regulators, a myriad of third-party relationships and extensive customer data all combine to make cybersecurity a complex issue for financial institutions.

Financial institutions are increasingly dependent on information technology and telecommunications to deliver services to consumers and businesses every day. Disruption, degradation, or unauthorized alteration of information and systems that support these services through cyberattacks can affect operations, core processes, and undermine confidence in the nation's financial services sector. Additionally, financial institutions are privy to a large amount of information about their customers. They can have social security numbers, birthdates, email addresses, and other information that hackers would love to get their hands on in order to obtain funds from the account or set up new accounts for their own benefit. Most successful hacking attacks on financial institutions come through unsuspecting employees clicking on something they shouldn’t. Not only could your customer data be stolen, entire systems could be frozen and held for ransom. The costs of ransomware include business disruption, data loss, lost productivity and reputation damage and disaster recovery.

ThreatAdvice offers a complete cybersecurity education and awareness training for financial institutions that includes the basics of cybersecurity and customized modules that relate specifically, to financial institutions, banks and credit unions. Cyber education at a non-technical level is paramount to successfully protecting every financial institution, and ThreatAdvice offers unique and cutting-edge cyber education and awareness solutions to meet these needs of financial institutions. Through our intuitive cybersecurity learning management to simulated phishing attacks to our Company Threat Plan, we can help protect your institution. Additionally, ThreatAdvice provides customizable policies and procedures regarding cybersecurity processes that financial institutions can customize to meet their needs.

Everyone from the president, to tellers, to your board of directors should complete cybersecurity education and awareness training to mount an educated and defensive response to cybercriminals. Also, ThreatAdvice makes cybersecurity education fun with our built-in trivia application, NxtQ. When your employees learn about cybersecurity education, they can earn coins to cash in for prizes and gift cards available in the ThreatAdvice marketplace.