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    Scam Alert: Received A Call Saying You Missed Jury Duty? It's A Scam!

    In this age of advanced technology, it's not only our devices that need protection - our personal information does too. We've recently been alerted to a new scam that's circulating, one that could potentially trick the unsuspecting into parting with their hard-earned money.

    This latest scam involves a call from what appears to be the "sheriff's department", informing you that you missed jury duty and that there's now a warrant (or two) out for your arrest. Armed with your personal information, like your address, these scammers seem incredibly legitimate. They even provide 'badge numbers' to further authenticate their false claims.

    The catch? They want you to send bail money. Of course, they'll tell you that you can't go to the actual police department because you'd be arrested due to your supposed warrant.

    We cannot emphasize this enough: law enforcement will NEVER ask you to send money over the phone or through a money center for missed jury duty.

    The scammers may mention a "gag order," which they tell you means you can't tell your friends, family or employer what's going on. They may mention "make and maintain contact order," which is completely fake, but they use it as their excuse to stay on the phone with you. Just remember, don't let anyone scare you into something. Know your rights!

    We urge you to share this information with your friends and family, especially with those who might be more susceptible to such scams. Spreading the word is a powerful tool in combating these fraudulent activities.

    To stay safe, remember these key points:

    • Never share sensitive information over the phone or send money to an unidentified source.
    • Do not send money to unsolicited callers, even if they act like they are trying to help you.
    • Always independently verify the identity of the caller.
    • Report any suspicious activity to your local law enforcement agency.

    Stay vigilant, stay safe, and remember, ThreatAdvice is here to provide the cybersecurity support you need. We stay committed to keeping you informed about the latest threats and scams, so stay connected with us for regular updates and advice on how to navigate the world safely.