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Grow Your MSP By Leveraging Automated Security Offerings

Small and medium businesses are embracing technology in a way that has never been seen before. Technology has enabled even small businesses to compete effectively with large corporations, resulting in a surge in IT spending all over the world.

Markets forecast that the global managed services market will reach $282 billion by 2023 with a CAGR of 9.3%. With this increased focus on IT, comes the vital need for cybersecurity.

The managed service provider (MSP) sector is forecasted to experience considerable long-term growth as more organizations hire MSPs, but this also makes for a competitive industry. MSPs must adapt their business models to serve customers in a variety of ways and employ other strategies to set themselves apart from their rivals to compete.

Offering automated security is an effective way to make sure your MSP can stay competitive in the crowded MSP space and protect your clients more effectively.

Leverage the power of automation

MSPs find automation to be a scalable and efficient method of providing security services when maintaining a secure environment for customers. Providing security technology services manually is no longer effective in dealing with the cyber-threats that businesses face today, nor is it feasible in terms of the time and resources required to meet the increasing threat landscape.

Modern cyber-attacks

Today’s cyber-attacks are more sophisticated than ever before, as cybercriminals automate and scale their attacks to increase efficiency and successfully infiltrate systems and networks and bypass traditional cybersecurity defenses. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, emerging cyber threats have increased cybercrime by 600%. These automated attacks can be more difficult to detect and stop, presenting a serious threat to organizations of all sizes.

Vulnerabilities exploited

Vulnerabilities are a weakness in networks or systems that cybercriminals exploit to gain unauthorized access and perform cyber-attacks. These security breaches can happen on mobile devices, applications and software, cloud computing, emails sent with malicious links…the list goes on.

Unpredictable attack timing

Cybercriminals are relentless and can launch and target attacks on networks at any time. Zero-day attacks are becoming frequent as threat actors exploit flaws in systems before developers have time to create a patch or update for it. Security systems relying on human-driven processes are vulnerable to human error and speed of response.

Why embrace automated security offerings?

Automated security tools provide MSPs with the ability to monitor and perform tasks more effectively to protect their clients’ systems and ensure the availability of their IT infrastructure.

Automation allows MSPs to run routine maintenance tasks such as vulnerability scanning, antivirus deployment and updates, threat detection, and data backups. Automating security systems also provides consistency and ensures that all areas of the IT infrastructure are being protected, offering confidence to both the MSP and the client that the whole environment is secured.

With automated security services, MSPs can align to the individual security demands of small and medium businesses and their networks and applications, while leaving no security issues unchecked. The automation eliminates human error, which is a constant concern when security processes are administered manually, ensuring that the security policy is applied as intended.

MSPs can demonstrate their efficiency and reliability through automation. As your MSP grows, automated security service offerings can be scaled to meet the needs of each new customer, without the need to employ additional staff. It is also possible to then expand by offering other security services including such as antivirus, patch management, and backup services.

Leverage your MSP with automated security services

By providing robust, consistent and continuous security services to your existing clients is the most effective way of retaining them, and allows your MSP to focus on core tasks that contribute to future business opportunities and growth. Automation allows your MSP to do more with less with processes that eliminate labor-intensive manual tasks.

One of the most effective ways to establish an automated security-first approach is to implement a continuous vulnerability scanning tool that allows you to layer other security solutions over the top. Using automated processes such as vulnerability scanning can save time and money and minimize the risk of human error, increasing your ability to provide a security-first approach that will strengthen and boost your overall managed security services offerings and keep your business ahead of the competition.

By leveraging tools such as the ThreatAdvice Breach Prevention Platform which includes continuous vulnerability scanning, your MSP can offer a multilayered, security-first approach to cybersecurity and boost your managed service business, while keeping your clients safe from cyber-threats. Discover how ThreatAdvice helps MSPs and MSSPs keep customers secure and enhance your security offering today.