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The ThreatAdvice Breach Prevention Platform for MSPs

ThreatAdvice is the most comprehensive Breach Prevention Platform on the market. It allows MSPs of all sizes to offer enterprise level cybersecurity tools to their SMB clients at a price that’s affordable for all.

The ThreatAdvice platform is broken down into five areas:

1. Detect IT with continuous vulnerability scanning, vulnerability ranking, and remediation guidance.
2. Manage IT with security dashboards, policies, threat intelligence, and major vendor integrations.
3. Learn IT with ongoing security awareness training and unlimited phishing campaigns.
4. Reward IT with gamification, redeemable points, badges, and leaderboards.
5. Protect IT with a $500,000 breach protection warranty.

What are the benefits to MSPs?

• Add value to your current security offerings
• Offer transparency with your client about all you’re doing to keep them safe
• Get additional revenue through remediation services outside your normal scope
• Save time by having all the security information you need in one place

The ThreatAdvice Breach Prevention Platform - designed by cybersecurity experts for MSPs. Let’s partner.