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Why MSPs need to streamline their security capabilities

Today, the rapid pace of technological change has made cybersecurity a critical business imperative for firms of all sizes. For many organizations, their lack of skill, knowledge, and resources has driven them to lean on managed service provider (MSP) security capabilities for expertise and support. 

MSPs need to streamline their security capabilities to ensure their clients are protected in today’s ever-evolving threat landscape, particularly with the wide array of work arrangements client organizations are employing. An MSP may be in the position of supporting hundreds of client systems and it is critical they can ensure ongoing protection.

In order to protect both the infrastructure and the data from cyberattacks and other dangers, MSPs must employ strong cybersecurity strategies and streamline their capabilities. Security automation for threat detection, risk assessment, and vulnerability management can all assist MSPs to keep up with the growing quantity and complexity of dangers, but will also meet their customers' changing demands as well. 

Following are some critical reasons why MSPs should streamline their security offerings:

Solve the cybersecurity skills gap

The demand for experienced cybersecurity professionals is soaring to new heights. At the same time, the cybersecurity skills shortage is leaving MSPs overwhelmed, trying to protect their clients' networks, sensitive data, and intellectual property. MSPs are now pressed to deliver scalable and seamless security services to clients and to manage security and compliance as efficiently as possible. 

Security automation tools that streamline routine cybersecurity manual processes usually reliant on human intervention have become one of the most useful ways to address the cybersecurity skills gap. Security teams can automate time-consuming security processes such as threat detection and response, scoring, and remediation processes to lower staffing demands for cybersecurity. By automating routine security tasks, MSPs can streamline their processes and relieve the pressure created by a lack of time and resources, while keeping clients safe from security incidents. 

Prevention is better than the cure

The best way to keep your customers safe from cyber threats is to stop them before they happen. However, it is impossible for MSPs to manually track and block every attack in the rapidly changing cyber threat landscape. Instead, it is more efficient to streamline your security offerings, by scanning your customers’ networks for signs of malicious activity and security vulnerabilities. Many security solutions are now available as a service, which allows MSPs to keep their customers safe from cyber threats without any extra effort.

Choosing to streamline security tools that allow your MSPs to manage threat detection, share alerts with clients in real-time, and encourage security awareness will rapidly reduce the number of security breaches that need to be dealt with down the track. This not only bolsters your clients’ security posture but also develops opportunities to maximize efficiency for MSPs to manage in the current heightened threat landscape. 

Centralized risk management

Streamlining risk management enables MSPs to improve the scalability and integrations of their client’s security operations. Platforms that offer a complete view in real-time into a company’s current security state, allow your MSP to effectively manage and report on security posture, vulnerabilities, and threat intelligence. 

Furthermore, a centralized risk management approach enables your MSP to ensure clients’ security meets compliance requirements and streamlines audits. With a unified platform, your MSP can seamlessly scale your security program to support new clients, add new services, and onboard new employees.

Competitive edge

With the growing risk and prevalence of cyber attacks, the demand for cybersecurity solutions has increased across the globe. With an ever-changing technology landscape, businesses need to stay ahead of the curve.

Arguably, the most important service an MSP offers to its clients is a robust cybersecurity program. From endpoint detection, cloud services security, and advanced security solutions, streamlining your security capabilities can emphasize your commitment to cybersecurity while delivering greater value to customers. This gives MSPs a solid edge over their competitors and creates opportunities for future business and revenue growth. 

Streamline your MSP security capabilities

Keeping up with ever-changing and complex cyber-threats while reducing redundancies and coordinating real-time responses across multiple clients is a challenge for managed security service providers. With the increased number of ransomware attacks, more frequent use of mobile devices across organizations, and the pressing need for web and email security to protect data, MSPs who offer cybersecurity solutions are never more in demand. 

To gain a competitive edge in today’s flourishing MSP market, streamline and strengthen your security offerings with solutions like the ThreatAdvice Breach Platform. With world-class management and reporting tools, security awareness training, and continuous vulnerability scanning, MSPs can oversee their clients’ cybersecurity and provide the right security solutions. Contact ThreatAdvice today and find out how your MSP can leverage the platform to provide a comprehensive and effective security solution for your clients.