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ThreatAdvice Managed Services

Streamline your technology with cloud services, mobile device management, help desk, and hosted telephony

ThreatAdvice Managed Services

Cloud Services

Cloud Computing offers flexibility and dynamism that brings immediate improvements to businesses anywhere in the world. ThreatAdvice can create a customized solution just for you. Save money on hardware and energy costs and by paying only for the licenses you need. We’ll handle the transition to the cloud for you and implement strict security protocols so your cloud platforms are secure. We’ll also provide 24/7 support and maintenance for your new cloud applications so you don’t have to go elsewhere to find what you need.

Mobile Device Management

Allowing users to have unmanaged access through mobile devices to corporate data and information is one of the leading causes of data breaches and data compromise. With MDM from ThreatAdvice, we will ensure that your user equipment is performing consistently and is enforced to standard policies, applications, and functions. ThreatAdvice MDM will handle your updates and policy management and will monitor and track corporate data. MDM from ThreatAdvice will be customized based your individual needs and provide exceptional support if any issues or questions should arise.

Hosted Telephony

Serve your customers better with flexible solutions that help you do business anywhere, anytime. From hosted VoIP business phone service and cloud-based call center software to unified communications, our services are easy to use, incredibly advanced and less expensive than traditional solutions. Get an all-inclusive cloud phone system for your small to mid-sized business, with HD voice, phones, fax, voicemail, paging, conferencing and more.

Help Desk

Technical problems are inevitable, but even the smallest issues can have major consequences. Without a centralized technology support system, your employees have to deal with dozens of different vendors, manufacturers, and service providers while racking up expensive bills and wasting valuable office time. Resolve your problems quickly with ThreatAdvice’s knowledgeable and well-trained help desk staff. We'll investigate your problems and resolve them remotely or send one of our support staff to your location if necessary. Save time and money with minimal hassle.

Custom Cisco Solutions

ThreatAdvice offers custom Cisco security solutions and services, tailored to your organization, to detect and defend from all directions. Cisco’s threat-centric approach to security can protect an extended network before, during and after an attack. Available Cisco solutions and services include advanced threat protection, network and data center security, secure mobility and endpoint solutions.

What Are Managed Services?

Managed Services (sometimes designated as an MSP or “Managed Service Provider”) is where ThreatAdvice runs your network and your technology department from afar. Your employees call our help desk, we answer within one minute, and most (95%) of the time, we handle your issue within one or two calls. Otherwise, if it’s a hardware issue, we send an engineer out to your location to handle your problem directly.

Why Are Managed Services Popular?

Most leaders and companies don’t feel comfortable managing technology people directly, and tech gurus are expensive. When you sign up for Managed Services with ThreatAdvice, your costs are often less than they were before and they are predictable: you pay the same monthly fee per-person and per-piece of hardware every month. It makes it easy to budget for technology each month and to prepare for those technology projects which come along every year or so.

What Makes Managed Services Different than an In-House Technology Team?

One of the key differences is that you don’t have to pay the medical costs and match the 401Ks of technology employees. We handle that for you. You also don’t have to worry about tech guys on vacation, sick, etc. or managing technical workers. That’s our job. It puts you into a partnership with us instead of the HR business with your internal technology team.

Who Would be My Main Contact at ThreatAdvice?

ThreatAdvice would assign you a dedicated account manager (AM) who would be your main day-to-day contact person. Your AM would help explain complex technical issues or suggestions where you can understand them, and that leader would also act as a buffer between you and vendors and technicians. The AM is like a technology leader on your Executive Team except you don’t have to pay them directly.

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