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    7 Best Fraud Prevention Systems

    Fraud: it’s one of the most insidious cyber-attacks, threatening personal information, identity theft, account takeovers – the list goes on. Falling victim to fraud in one form or another could have catastrophic consequences for your business and customers alike.

    Taking preventative measures against fraud means implementing an advanced prevention system to protect your sensitive information, accounts, and clients – but with so many options, which is right for your needs?

    Don’t fret: we’ve compiled a concise list of the best fraud prevention systems available. Take a look and make the choice that’s right for your business.



    5-star rating

    TAFraudSentry by ThreatAdvice distinguishes itself in the check fraud prevention domain through its integration of AI and image analysis technologies. This combination provides a comprehensive, proactive defense against various check fraud types, including counterfeit and altered checks. Its real-time detection capabilities and seamless integration with banking platforms enhance security without disrupting existing processes. 

    The system's success rate exceeds 95% in specific scenarios, offering a high level of accuracy and reliability in fraud prevention.



    4.8-star rating

    DataDome's fraud protection service excels in real-time threat blocking, leveraging advanced bot and fraud detection technologies. It's noted for significantly reducing account takeover fraud, saving substantial amounts in chargebacks and maintaining a low false positive rate, ensuring smooth user experiences. 

    The service is distinguished by its rapid deployment, extensive integration capabilities, and a machine learning engine fine-tuned by experts, providing maintenance-free protection across web, mobile, and API platforms.



    4.7-star rating

    The Sift platform is unique in its focus on the mobile advertising sector, processing over 1 trillion mobile ad requests monthly from 3 billion smartphone users worldwide. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms for real-time optimization of ad campaigns, targeting fraud prevention in the mobile app install ad market, a sector with significant fraud costs. 

    Sift's approach to fraud prevention is data-driven, utilizing vast user profile data and app install information to enhance campaign performance and secure mobile advertising efforts. 



    4.7-star rating

    ClearSale offers a fraud protection solution specifically designed for e-commerce, focusing on maximizing order approval rates and reducing false positives. It sets itself apart with a 100% chargeback guarantee and a performance-based pricing model, ensuring merchants only pay for approved transactions. 

    This approach aims to enhance revenue and provide peace of mind by mitigating the risks associated with online fraud.



    4.6-star rating

    SEON's fraud detection stands out due to a comprehensive approach, leveraging a combination of email and phone analysis, device fingerprinting, and IP lookup integrated with AI and machine learning. The system allows for bespoke risk scoring and rules, digital and social media lookups for in-depth background checks, and AML & KYC compliance features. 

    SEON's services are designed for frictionless integration, offering a user-friendly admin panel and optimized user experience for various industries and use cases.



    4.6-star rating

    IPQualityScore's anti-fraud tools stand out by offering a broad spectrum of solutions against various online fraudulent activities. Their services include real-time fraud scoring, detection of proxies, VPNs, TOR, bots, and disposable emails, along with advanced features like device fingerprinting. 

    Their platform is known for adapting to new threats with low false-positive rates, supported by over 10 years of data analysis and continuous updates from a dedicated team of engineers.



    4.6-star rating

    Signifyd's Guaranteed Fraud Protection service is designed to completely eliminate fraud losses for merchants by offering a 100% chargeback guarantee, significantly lowering the chargeback rate, and reducing false declines. 

    It stands out by providing instant decision-making on transactions, backed by a financial guarantee for every approved order, which allows businesses to confidently approve more orders and enhance customer satisfaction.