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    CISA Preparing for Potential Iranian Cyber Response

    Following the Iranian threat of a malicious cyber-attack in response to the U.S. military strike in Baghdad, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is preparing the cybersecurity community with information to assist in protecting our Nation’s critical infrastructure. As tension between the United States and Iran grows, the likelihood of harmful cyber activity continues to build. CISA recommends organizations take immediate actions such as the following:

    • Adopt a state of heightened awareness.
    • Increase organizational vigilance.
    • Confirm reporting process.
    • Exercise organizational incident response plans.


    Iranian offensive cyber activity can be traced back to 2011. These include an array of high-profile attacks. CISA recommends the following course of action for IT professionals:

    • Disable all unnecessary ports and protocols.
    • Enhance monitoring of network and email traffic.
    • Patch externally facing equipment.
    • Log and limit usage of PowerShell.
    • Ensure backups and up to date.



    The threat is real, and the CISA is asking all organizations to recognize the severity of the situation by displaying a dedication to cyber diligence. It is in every organization’s best interest to read the entirety of CISA’s Cyber Alert. All organizations and IT professionals should carefully consider and comply with the requests made in the alert.

    If you have questions about how to protect your organization, please reach out to NXTsoft at 800-915-3381 or info@nxtsoft.com.