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    The Cyber Show, Ep 9: The Biggest Ransomware Bust Yet

    In a massive global crackdown, law enforcement agencies from 17 countries hit back at ransomware hackers with a series of arrests and server shutdowns - all part of Operation Gold Dust. Plus: A huge grocery chain hack, remote work security tips, ransomware targeting stock prices, and more.
    Tune into Episode 9 of The Cyber Show by ThreatAdvice - a quirky, non-technical round-up of cybersecurity news, trends, tech, tips, internet miscellany, and more. Enjoy! 

    Want the jump straight to a segment? Use these time code links:
    0:00 - Cybersecurity News
    3:32 - Remote Work Security
    4:35 - Cybersecurity by the Numbers
    5:46 - Double Extortion Ransomware
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