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    Cybersecurity Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

    A new year brings new opportunities. A fresh start always brings optimism and hope. In regards to personal cybersecurity, it’s always important to take time to hit the refresh button as a new year arrives. Just like everyone else, cyber criminals start the year with new resolutions. However, these resolutions don’t involve cutting out fast food or hitting the gym. Instead, these criminals wish to find new ways to scheme, hack, and steal your information. Below, you will find a few cybersecurity resolutions to help you get 2020 started the right way.


    Move to a Password Manager

    Stop compiling a long list of “safe” passwords that are easily forgettable or easily accessible. The primary function of a password manager is to maximize security in all accounts while also having a simple, yet secure, login. For businesses of any size, password managers allow employees to have one password as an access point for all accounts. Minimizing the amount of login credentials while still maximizing accessibility for employees is a faster, safer method to protect sensitive information and important data. Instead of keeping up with multiple weak passwords, a password manager allows you to manage one very strong password. Take some time to consider tips for creating a strong, effective password.


    Block Third-Party Trackers

    Third-party cookies allow outside parties to track and retarget users who visit specific websites. Although these third-parties are typically associated with advertising, they can also be used for malicious reasons. Many ad-driven trackers will insert a display ad on a website, and after a user leaves the website, they will track and retarget the user on another website with more ads. The problem with this is the uncertainty of who’s tracking the user and who’s watching every aspect of web activity. This data can be abused to create malicious spear-phishing attacks.

    A solid resolution concerning these trackers is to take control of your browsing. Research the security of a browser before using it. A great browser to help eliminate the risk of unauthorized trackers is Mozilla Firefox. Firefox has private browsing capabilities with the ability to see which websites allow third-party tracking as well as the ability to see who’s tracking or block trackers.


    Update Your Systems

    The start of the new year is a great opportunity to do a system check. Chances are you might have missed an update throughout the course of 2019. Patching your system will ensure that the latest software and security measures are being utilized to help prevent any type of security breach. Updating your systems also includes updating mobile devices. The best way to ensure that all your systems are properly updated is to enable auto-update. This saves time and energy while also keeping your devices safe and secure. Security for tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices will be crucial in 2020 as more cyber criminals explore direct pathways to steal personal data.



    Develop a Sharp Phish-Spotting Eye

    As the old saying goes, “some things never change.” This statement certainly applies to phishing attacks. Accenture Security’s 2019 “The Cost of Cybercrime” annual report indicated that the number of organizations experiencing phishing attacks increases by 16% year after year. These attacks aren’t going away. In fact, they are only going to get more refined, harder to detect, and more dangerous than ever. It’s important to educate yourself on a regular basis. Fine tune your ability to spot malicious messages or emails. The human element is the weakest link in security for a user who is careless or reckless with what they click on. Contrarily, someone who is diligently aware of the messages they receive and where they come from is the strongest first line of defense in protecting valuable data.


    Take Control of Your Financial Transaction Security

    Confidence is key when it comes to inserting financial information for a purchase. Whether it be through inserting a card or inserting a number online, credibility is everything as it concerns to protecting your financial information. It’s important to only make physical transactions with the latest chip card technology. Using older card readers runs the risk of encountering a skimmer. These devices are inserted by criminals to steal card information. Newer chip readers disable skimming attempts and provide the safest transactions. It’s also important to be wary of online transactions. Make sure the site is credible before making a purchase and always look at reviews to make sure products are delivered properly. Always keep a close eye on your bank account activity. No matter the size of the transaction, any suspicious activity should be reported immediately.


    Don’t give cybercriminals the upper hand in 2020. Take control of your personal security and the security of your business. NXTsoft can assess potential risks and provide a plan to keep your business safe this year. Contact NXTsoft today!