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    How to Connect Disparate Security Softwares - ThreatAdvice

    ThreatAdvice's vCISO software solution is NXTsoft's flagship software that provides layered security overall for an organization. We put this together through many customer requests.
    As we originally rolled out security awareness training, a lot of our clients asked for additional measures to really secure and shore up their overall security posture. So what we provided and what we built was a software solution called virtual CISO that really acts as what a true Chief Information Security Officer would provide to an organization on a day-to-day basis. But we're providing that in a virtual capacity.
    Through our software, we provide a single pane of glass to really report back all of those features - a clean dashboard that your organization can take a look into and be able to see how the organization looks from an overall security posture. We're going to be able to report back any vulnerabilities, anomalies, anything that we find while we're running daily scans, while we're doing our security assessment analyzing all of the various softwares that they're using, endpoint protection, various other features that we're looking at on a day-to-day basis. And should we see anything that looks outside the norm, we're going to be able to report that back to them. So with our vCISO platform, you're receiving a complete customized policy framework, incident response plan, continuous compliance framework, and thorough training for your workforce. We provide qualified personnel to work with your team, helping steer information security initiatives, fulfilling regulatory requirements, and improving your overall security posture at a fraction of what it would cost if you hired a true Chief Information Security Officer.
    What we've seen with a lot of our clients is they have various disparate softwares that they've purchased to help protect their organization, but there's really no clean way to bring that all, tie it in together and have that reporting feature back within a dashboard. And that's really the beauty of vCISO and why we've put this dashboard together: again, you can take all of those various solutions, tie them back in, and you'll have one clean feed to view. Sound like something that you'd be interested in? Would it make your life easier? Check out NXTsoft vCISO.

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