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NXTsoft Announces Cybersecurity Partnership with Counter Threat Group

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama, February 26, 2020– NXTsoft (www.nxtsoft.com), a company focused on delivering secure data solutions to the market space announced today  a partnership with Counter Threat Group (www.counterthreatgrp.com), an company that assists organizations in creating and maintaining sound physical security programs regardless of entity size.

The Counter Threat Group will augment its service offerings with ThreatAdvice Educate, providing an option for clients to not only protect their physical presence, but also their online presence. Entities absolutely must take proactive measures to ensure the physical safety of employees and visitors, but at the same time should lend focus to keeping intellectual property and the private information of members and customers safe and this partnership allows Counter Threat Group to provide solutions to address both areas.

“ThreatAdvice Educate from NXTsoft provides the cyber security component to our comprehensive threat assessment,” said Rick Klepper, co-founder of Counter Threat Group. “Counter Threat Group can now provide a full 360-degree assessment that combines our expertise in the physical and behavioral aspects of security with the expertise of NXTsoft in addressing the cyber security risks that all businesses and organizations face.”

ThreatAdvice Educate offers online training and awareness solutions that educate employees to recognize potential cyber breach that could open an organization to a ransomware attack or cyber crime of another nature.  Through education ThreatAdvice Educate empowers every employee in an organization to become a vital part of a company’s defense against cybercrime.

“Counter Threat Group provides an extremely important service in today’s times as every entity needs a clear and strong focus on physical security,” said David Brasfield, CEO of NXTsoft. “NXTsoft is pleased to partner with a company with such an important mission and is glad that ThreatAdvice can provide cybersecurity and education  to companies who realize the damaging impact a breach can have to their business and reputation and who want to take proactive measures to protect themselves.”

About NXTsoft

Headquartered in Birmingham, AL, NXTsoft focuses on secure data-centric offerings that help companies secure, connect and optimize data. The company’s Omni platform is focused on solutions for financial institutions, while the ThreatAdvice platform provides cybersecurity solutions for companies and organizations of all types. For more information visit www.nxtsoft.com, email info@nxtsoft.com or call 1-800-915-3381.

For more information contact:

Gary Foster, National Sales Specialist, NXTSoft, 800.915.3381, gfoster@nxtsoft.com

Rick Klepper co-Founder Counter Threat Group, 678-588-1622, rklepper@counterthreatgrp.com