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    Partner Highlight: Q&A with Aesto Health's Mike Girouard

    Aesto Health is a ThreatAdvice partner that believes in the value of the ThreatAdvice platform and resells it to its customer base. ThreatAdvice is a proud partner of Aesto Health and is sharing this Q&A with Mike Girouard for more insight into ThreatAdvice and partnership. 

    1. How long have you been with Aesto Health, and what do you like most about what you do in your job?

    I’ve been with Aesto Health for a year and a half so far.   I spent over 25 years in Information Technology prior to joining Aesto Health which offered me a solid foundation from which to learn the value of what Aesto Health offers to healthcare practices.  What I like most about my job, is the interactions we have with healthcare practices in need.  The healthcare community and many of the changes in store for our healthcare system means so many practices will need guidance from subject matter experts like us in order to navigate the changes successfully.   We are here to help. 

    2. How long has Aesto Health been partnered with ThreatAdvice?  How has partnering with ThreatAdvice increased the value that you bring to your customer relationships?

    Aesto Health has been partnered with ThreatAdvice for over two years.   The partnership was a perfect match for us.   Aesto Health helps healthcare practices change Electronic Medical Record systems by extracting and formatting the data into one that can be easily imported into their new system while archiving & protecting any data that can not be or is not desired to be imported into the new EMR system.  Protecting healthcare information is a team sport and requires our employees and our client's staff to understand what behaviors can put healthcare information at risk and which behaviors do not.   ThreatAdvice is the perfect cyber education platform to leverage when educating staff and clients about cybersecurity to ensure best practices are followed and human behavioral breaches are minimized.

    3. What do you most like about the ThreatAdvice Education Platform?  Do you have any suggestions for ThreatAdvice about how to make it better?

    Sometimes simple is best.  The ThreatAdvice platform is very simple to use and follow.  The short videos engage the viewer and the tests help ensure the material in the videos are understood.  I like the policy repository that helps track staff member's acknowledgment of each as well.   My only suggestion would be to allow partners like Aesto Health who are white labeling the ThreatAdvice portal be able to do so without any reference to ThreatAdvice in the portal.  It allows ThreatAdvice partners to position an entire service that includes white labeling ThreatAdvice without a prospect trying to assemble each part of the service themselves.

    4. If someone is considering partnering with ThreatAdvice, what is one piece of advice you would give them?

    Threat Advice is a valuable service for prospects who are committed to security and not just those wanting to check a regulatory checkbox.   HIPAA cites security behaviors that are “continuous and ongoing” and that practices are able to document these efforts as “evidence of effort”.   To do this effectively, a prospect needs a platform that is easy to deploy and leverage for employees while also keeping the necessary documentation to help protect the practice in the case of a security investigation.  ThreatAdvice delivers on these promises and is an essential part of a comprehensive Healthcare Security & Compliance (HSC) program.