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    Baltimore Held Hostage: Cyberbytes Monthly Roundup

    The ThreatAdvice Monthly Roundup  |  June 2019

    Baltimore held hostage, students hacking grades, a cyber Richter scale, and more: Enjoy the five most fascinating cybersecurity articles we found this past month. Stay cyber safe!

    Hackers have been holding the city of Baltimore’s computers hostage for two weeks. Here’s how the Baltimore ransomware attack could be coming to your city or hospital soon.

    "IT administrators really underestimate what students can actually do." Here’s how a group of teens hacked their teacher’s computer to change grades for money - in their own words.

    “I dream of a kind of Richter scale for cyber security.” Cyber risks may soon become bigger risks than natural disasters for the insurance sector. Here’s why.

    It’s not often that you get the insider’s view of the cybercrime world from a convicted cybercriminal. So this is intriguing: Ex-hacker Brett Johnson explains that there are only three reasons why a cybercrime is committed.

    Have you eaten at a Checkers or Rally's in the past two years?The restaurant chain disclosed a card breach from malware at more than 100 locations.