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    ThreatAdvice Customer Wins Prizes with NXTQ While Increasing Cybersecurity Knowledge

    NXTsoft would like to congratulate ThreatAdvice user Theresa Rose from DataPerk on her accomplishments in ThreatAdvice’ NxtQ application. Theresa is NxtQ’s top performer. She has participated in 44 of all 56 trivia finals and a total of 168 daily quizzes, earning over 7,000 coins that she has cashed in for multiple Amazon gift cards, 
    NxtQ is a trivia application that tests ThreatAdvice members’ knowledge of cybersecurity and general trivia. When members play NxtQ, they have a chance to win coins that can be redeemed for prizes in the ThreatAdvice Marketplace. NxtQ consists of a two question daily quiz where members can earn extra lives and a live quiz every Friday where coins can be won. Plus members can compete against each other to see who can earn the top spot on the NxtQ Leaderboard.  
    We appreciate Theresa's dedication to staying educated on good cyber practices. We commend her level of participation in NtxQ, and we acknowledge that she has equipped herself as a strong line of defense against cyber threats in the workplace.