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    Top 5 Features Buyers Should Consider in 2024 When Evaluating A Mobile Device Management Solution

    I often get asked about the best solution for mobile device management in a particular environment. My standard answer is that there are many solutions available for mobile device management, or MDM for short, but it’s the features of the solution and the configuration and setup of all the rules and policies that each of these solutions offer that are the differentiator.  The best strategy is to carefully assess the features of each solution and consult with an IT professional that offers implementation and support of the product.

    Here are the top five features that potential buyers need to look for in a mobile device management solution:

    1.       User equipment is enforced to standard policies, applications and functions
    2.       Ensure the equipment is performing consistently
    3.       Updates and policies are done easily and are scalable to the size of the organization
    4.       Monitoring and tracking of corporate data
    5.       Ability to troubleshoot and diagnose issues 

    Besides the core features, buyers also need to determine what role is best for their company.  Do they want to purchase a solution that requires them to manage it or do they want to go with a solution that is offered by a company that will setup the software based on their needs and then support the software when they have issues or questions?  Either way, MDM needs to be taken seriously and can be a major security risk if not addressed.  Allowing users to have unmanaged access through mobile devices to corporate data and information is one of the leading causes of data breaches and data compromise.

    NXTsoft can assist with you company’ MDM by providing installation, management and support.  If you would like more information on this or any security services, please reach out to us to start a discussion.