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    Why Every Business Needs Multi-Factor Authentication

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    Are you using Multi-factor Authentication?

    Passwords have been around for millenia as a method to keep things secret and safe. But they are no longer enough in the world of cybersecurity. Computer processor speeds and memory capacities have increased exponentially. This makes direct Brute-force, Dictionary or Rainbow Table attacks on your passwords more feasible. 

    Under certain circumstances, it is now possible for a 14-character password to be compromised in less than 3 minutes. But it is more likely that someone will intercept your password value; perhaps through keystroke-capture, spoofing, or a man-in-the-middle attack. 

    Instead of relying on just a password, it is time to add more layers of security.  This is often called MFA (for Multi-Factor Authentication) or 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) if just two layers are used. Think of it as adding another dimension to your security. No longer rely on just the dimension of something you know (like a password or PIN).  MFA adds other elements, such as…

    • - Something you have (a key, token, credit card or cell phone),
    • - Something you are (fingerprint, voice, or other unique physical characteristic),
    • - Somewhere you are (location),
    • - Or some time you are attempting to login (within a certain time-target window).  
    Adding any of these factors for verifying identity makes it much less likely that someone else will take over your access. Don’t wait until your password is cracked or hacked to make a change. Start using Multi-Factor authentication now to provide better protection for your system.