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    Protect Your Success with ThreatAdvice Educate & vCISO (Demo)

    Like it or not, in today's world, cybersecurity has to be on your radar to protect your organization from the pitfalls of hacks and breaches. The biggest risk of these events taking place are your employees.

    ThreatAdvice provides a simple way to turn that risk into a human firewall. It works. And it's easy to see the results.

    ThreatAdvice was really designed to protect against the biggest weakness that organizations have when it comes to cybersecurity. ThreatAdvice Educate provides micro-learning, video-based cybersecurity courses, and testing in an easy to comprehend format. Phishing simulations to provide real-world training against what the bad guys are doing to gain access to your network.

    Our scoring plan provides an overall organization level, as well as an individualized threat scoring plan and risk level, providing further details on who your riskiest employees are. We've also built a template bank of policies and procedures to address any cybersecurity policies that you might need to have for your organization.

    With our gamification module, it's really designed to keep your employees coming back, keeping them engaged with the platform, again, keeping cyber top of mind. Our videos are micro videos, 3-4 minutes in length, designed to keep user engagement, very specific to a topic. All of our videos are designed for your non-technical, non-security trained employees to show them what's really going on in the cybersecurity space.

    As a company, we recognize that a majority of our clients needed an overall security solution more robust than what they had in place. That's when we developed our vCISO platform: Virtual Chief Information Security Officer. Really designed to do all of the day-to-day activities that a true CISO would do for your organization. It's designed to serve as a low-cost option for the small to medium-sized business that does not have the resources to hire a full-time CISO.

    vCISO provides one comprehensive solution for overall layered security, crystal clear comprehensive oversight of your full security posture. Tap into a level of expertise, usually reserved for large organizations only. All of your disparate systems are tied back into one single pane of glass. It serves as a comprehensive solution that offers organizations valuable insight into all of their cybersecurity issues and recommended solutions. Compliance management expedites audits for specific industries with increased regulation, financial healthcare, etc.

    Have the overall peace of mind knowing that should any vulnerabilities take place within your network you will get notified through alerts, actions, audit prep within the dashboard. While using our vCISO product, we also provide a $500,000 warranty. Should an event take place while on our watch utilizing vCISO, we've got you covered. At the end of the day, we're putting our money where our mouth is. Learn more about how ThreatAdvice can protect your success.