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    The Complete Cybersecurity Insurance and Solutions Package

    In 2021, we've seen hacking occurrences all across the United States, and all industries are being told to get prepared. But how do you get prepared? What do you do? What things do you have in place? What do you need to have in place, and where do you go? Do you have cybersecurity insurance? If you do, how much is it? What's the coverage? Have you received your invoice for this year's renewal of that policy?

    Those underwriting requirements have changed. Now you're going to be required to have new solutions in place. How are you going to implement these solutions? Now we have a one-stop shop: NXTsoft is partnering with The Rinehart Insurance Agency to provide you not only with cybersecurity insurance, but also with the solutions needed to meet those requirements.


    In the cyber insurance industry today, we're seeing stricter underwriting guidelines due to the increased cyber attacks from COVID-19. The Rinehart Agency works with over 25 cyber companies that only specialize in cyber insurance. These companies are requiring vulnerability scans, phishing, and continued education for all employees. Due to the size or infrastructure of your business, additional requirements may have to be satisfied to even get a cyber proposal.

    Through our partnership, we can provide businesses with the insurance protection they need along with the tools and software needed to meet the underwriting guidelines. Schedule your appointment for a risk evaluation, and make sure your business is cyber-safe.

    The Rinehart Agency is a full-service insurance based in Alabama currently servicing the states of Alabama, Mississippi and Florida. For more information, visit therinehartagency.com or call 205-671-5555.