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    ThreatAdvice vCISO is the New Cybersecurity Sheriff in Town

    The small town of Lafayette, Colorado fell victim to a ransomware attack on July 27. The attack took over the town’s computer network, phone lines, and email. Although COVID-19 has brought forth many new cyberattacks, the City of Lafayette is not sure whether the ransomware attack came through due to employees working remotely or not. Either way, the town lacked a certain level of cybersecurity which lead to a breach and a cost. To prevent potential further disruption, town officials paid a $45,000 ransom.  


    Like most small towns, Lafayette’s staff did not consist of any positions dedicated to cybersecurity. As cyberattacks become increasingly more common, the need for cybersecurity professionals grows – even for small town staffs. 

    There are many crucial steps to preventing a cybersecurity attack, but one tool that can especially strengthen your defense against a cyberattack is appointing a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). An appointed CISO is dedicated to protecting your data from a breach and reduces your risk. A CISO could have easily prevented a town like Lafayette from falling victim to a ransomware attack.

    The only obstacle that many small towns and small businesses face with appointing a CISO to protect valuable data is the cost of hiring a chief officer position. Luckily, NXTsoft offers a solution. ThreatAdvice Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) by NXTsoft is the overarching solution to oversee all of your data security needs. ThreatAdvice vCISO implements proper solutions and protocols and also provides employee training and education. This system provides a comprehensive cybersecurity monitoring solution where all of your security information is warehoused in a singular location and monitored by your dedicated vCISO team. Contact a NXTsoft security specialist to discuss implementing cybersecurity expertise and oversight for your business today.