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    Top 7 Cyber Awareness Training Solutions in 2024


    4.8-star rating

    ThreatAdvice’s cyber awareness training combines phishing simulations, video-based courses, trivia and gamification, and much more to deliver a comprehensive, customizable learning experience. Administrators can track their teams’ progress and tailor the content to suit their business needs – or even individual employee experiences, shoring up certain areas of security knowledge and skills.

    ThreatAdvice’s cyber awareness training also includes an extensive security policies library that can provide procedural templates, or supplement existing policies to further cover security needs and potential incident responses. Their expert guidance ensures all individuals receive the upskilling at a learning rate that suits them.


    4.5-star rating

    Through a single platform, GoldPhish delivers cyber awareness training, realistic phishing simulations, email threat reporting, and success tracking. The platform contains 15 security awareness modules, 10 training videos, a library of extensive infographics and posters, and much more. New content and quizzes are regularly added to the training library to ensure information and training modules are kept up-to-date.

    GoldPhish uses E-learning to deliver online content, allowing clients to conduct the training around their own internal schedules.


    4.4-star rating

    Along with cyber awareness and phishing simulations, Terranova also provides compliance, data privacy, and GDPR training for businesses that require specific security awareness among their teams. Their topics include cybersecurity fundamentals, safe internet usage, email security, password and authentication, social media policy, and incident response.

    Terranova delivers its courses through online modules, quizzes, game-style activities, and personalized campaigns to cater for individual employees and teams.


    4.6-star rating

    CybeReady’s phishing simulations, compliance tools, and security awareness programs delivers ongoing, short content in a wide variety of training sessions through multiple channels. The training maintains motivation through real-time feedback and reports, allowing admins and employees alike to adjust their training as they go.

    The platform leverages machine learning (ML) to optimize individual training experiences and deliver hands-on, interactive courses, allowing participants to learn by doing in real-life situations.


    4.6-star rating

    CyberHoot is a “set it and let it run” training program that provides dark web monitoring, policy compliance tracking, and detailed reporting on top of cyber awareness training and phishing tests.

    It delivers content at a flat rate rather than a per-user fee, making it a cost-effective solution for smaller businesses. The monthly training programs and quarterly phishing simulations are automated, keeping employee knowledge up-to-date and relevant year-round.

    ACI Learning

    4.6-star rating

    ACI Learning provides on-demand, self-paced training libraries, covering topics such as risk assessments, regulatory compliance, and cloud security. It allows admins to assign the content to individuals or teams, tailoring the training to specific needs and skillsets.

    ACI Learning prioritizes customized training courses, allowing clients to choose existing modules, rapid-learning “bootcamp” courses, or even create their own training videos.


    4.3-star rating

    Hoxhunt’s human risk management platform aims to identify vulnerable users and change their behavior to enhance the business’s overall cyber resilience. The platform learns along with the workforce and offers personalized courses and modules to match each individual’s skill level.

    Its risk-based approach optimizes the training to not only the employee’s skill level, but their location, industry threat landscape, and job role.