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    For Attendees of Channel Pitch

    ThreatAdvice for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

    Our world-class platform is designed specifically to empower MSPs to provide and oversee customer cybersecurity in 5 areas: Detect IT, Manage IT, Learn IT, Reward IT, and Protect IT.

    Let's make it happen

    Learn how ThreatAdvice can help your business thrive by taking care of your client's security challenges.

    Thanks for Attending March's Channel Pitch

    Thanks for attending Channel Pitch in March. We have a special promotion for those who attended our pitch. If you sign up for the ThreatAdvice Breach Prevention Platform, you will get your first client up to 50 users at no charge for the first year.

    Centralized Risk Management

    The ThreatAdvice Breach Prevention Platform is a comprehensive solution that an MSP should utilize to manage clients’ cybersecurity efficiently and effectively. It combines a variety of proven tools, proprietary management software, and cyber expertise that simplify cyber security management for MSPs. With one login for all cybersecurity tools, it’s the cyber management solution you’ve been looking for.

    Benefits to MSPs

    The ThreatAdvice Breach Prevention Platform was designed to be added on to your current security stack, serve as the base for your security stack, or a replacement for current solutions. ThreatAdvice offers tiered and flexible pricing with no published MSRP, empowering you to price the solution how it best works for your business. Pricing is all inclusive and includes all features and upgrades. ThreatAdvice Breach Prevention Platform can be white labeled for branding purposes, and you have complete control over the program’s administration, creating trust, stickiness, and the opportunity for remediation services.

    Referral Program

    • We handle the client directly
    • We engage and manage the client
    • You are invited to all meetings or overviews if desired
    • We provide all hardware needed, scans, reporting, vCISO assistance
    • Deliver SIEM, SOC, EDR if needed
    • Flat Rate Commission to you of 10% as long as they are a client

    The ThreatAdvice Breach Protection Platform

    Detect IT

    • Continuous vulnerability scanning including, internal, external and asset identification.
    • Full reporting against NIST based standards, providing HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW risk categories. Remediation guidance also included.
    • Ability to assign tasks to team members based on their role via the system for follow up and resolution.

    Manage IT

    • Management dashboard
      Over 65 pre-written policies with
      built-in electronic policy acceptance
    • Fully customized reporting on each account showing the overall vulnerability score
    • Worldwide Threat Intelligence: Major cybersecurity headlines gathered in one place by topic
    • Vendor Intelligence (customized based on the vendors you use, information on all known issues, patch availability, etc.)
    • Integrations with major vendors bringing threat knowledge into one central location. Current pre-built integrations include:
      • Cylance
      • SentinelOne
      • Alienvault
      • CISCO Umbrella
      • Carbon Black
      • CISCO Meraki
      • Beachhead
      • Perch
      • RFT
      • HIPAA SRA

    Learn IT

    • Security Awareness Training: Ongoing cybersecurity education consisting of hundreds of courses covering all areas of cybersecurity with 8 new courses released monthly. Delivery of course assignments is customizable based on your needs and your client’s desires. Standard reports are available to track and document the employee’s education status, and custom report creation is available for tracking compliance.
    • Phishing: With unlimited phishing campaigns you can put what users have learned to a real-world test and generate data that is incorporated into an individual employee risk level scorecard.

    Reward IT

    • Gamification: End-users earn points and badges for taking classes, answering cyber questions, and more.
    • Collect points to earn rewards.
    • Company leaderboards boost engagement.

    Protect IT

    • ThreatAdvice offers a Breach Protection Warranty Option to all partners for a nominal cost that can be resold to customers on a per client basis, meaning that if a partner has 20 clients, they may choose to provide it to some of or all their clients as a different policy to each.
    • The ThreatAdvice Breach Protection Warranty (powered by our strategic partner) is a $500,000 protection program that covers remediation back to a “state before failure” within the limits of coverage if a breach occurs. It provides coverage in 4 key areas:
      • Ransomware & Business Email Compromise
      • Compliance & Regulatory Failure
      • Business Income Loss Prevention
      • Cyber Legal Liability Protection
    • The Breach Protection Warranty does NOT replace Cyber Liability Insurance, but is an augmentation.


    Ready to help your MSP customers reduce technology costs & get protected? Let's partner! Fill out the form, and we'll be in touch.

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