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    In the ever-changing financial world, the fight against fraud is a top priority. We're thrilled to share two Fraud Prevention Solutions that can bolster financial institutions' defenses: TAFraudSentry and FraudXchange.

    TAFraudSentry leverages sophisticated machine learning algorithms and real-time transaction monitoring to proactively identify and halt fraudulent activities. It delivers real-time insights by examining in-clearing items throughout the day, thus enhancing safeguards against fraud.

    FraudXchange is a consortium that provides a unified platform for financial institutions to share and report fraudulent transactions, enabling quick and decisive action. In collaboration with DarkDefend.com, FraudXchange persistently scans the dark web for signs of compromised account information or leaked sensitive checks related to your bank's clients. This proactive strategy facilitates prompt intervention and aids in reducing the risks tied to financial losses and reputational harm.

    Sign up for an upcoming webinar to dive deeper into both fraud solutions.


                   TAFraudSentry    3/19/24                    2pm CT

                   FraudXchange    3/21/24                   10am CT

                   TAFraudSentry      4/02/24                 2pm CT

                   FraudXchange     4/04/24                 10am CT

                   TAFraudSentry      4/16/24                  2pm CT

                   FraudXchange      4/18/24                 10am CT