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    In today's dynamic financial landscape, combating fraud has become a top priority. We're excited to introduce you to two innovative Fraud Prevention Solutions that can help financial institutions fight back: TAFraudSentry and FraudXchange

    TAFraudSentry utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms and real-time transaction monitoring to proactively detect and prevent fraudulent activities.  It provides real-time insights by inspecting in-clearing items throughout the day, strengthening defenses against fraudulent activities.

    FraudXchange is a consortium that acts as a centralized platform for financial institutions to report and exchange fraudulent transactions, fostering swift and decisive action. With DarkDefend.com,  FraudXchange continuously monitors the dark web, searching for any indicators of compromised account information or leaked sensitive checks pertaining to your bank's customers. This proactive approach enables timely intervention and helps mitigate the risks associated with financial losses and reputational damage.

    Register for an upcoming webinar to learn more about both fraud solutions.

                   TAFraudSentry    2/8/24                 2pm CT

                   TAFraudSentry    2/13/24                10am CT

                   FraudXchange    2/15/24                10am CT

                   FraudXchange    2/20/24               2pm CT

                   TAFraudSentry    2/22/24               10am CT

                   TAFraudSentry   2/27/24                2pm CT

                   FraudXchange   2/29/24               10am CT