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    Turner Software Technologies Partners with ThreatAdvice to Strengthen Fraud and Cybersecurity Solutions

    Birmingham, Ala. – February 22, 2024 - Turner Software Technologies, a provider of innovative teller solutions to financial institutions, is excited to announce its new partnership with ThreatAdvice, a leading provider of fraud and cybersecurity solutions for the financial sector. Under this agreement, Turner Software Technologies will offer ThreatAdvice's suite of cutting-edge solutions to its customer base.

    Turner Software Technologies will introduce multiple ThreatAdvice solutions, including TAFraudSentry, FraudXchange, and DarkDefend, to its customers who currently utilize the company’s suite of Teller21 solutions. These solutions provide comprehensive fraud prevention and cybersecurity measures tailored to the specific needs of financial institutions.

    TAFraudSentry: Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence and image analysis technologies, TAFraudSentry offers a robust platform for comprehensive check fraud detection. Its features include Automated Signature Verification (ASV-AI), Check Stock Validation (CSV-AI), CAR/LAR Discrepancy detection, and Check Style Analysis, empowering financial institutions to strengthen their defenses and gain real-time insights into fraudulent activities.

    FraudXchange: This platform facilitates secure communication and exchange of fraudulent transaction information among member banks and credit unions. By streamlining the reporting process and expediting the return of funds, FraudXchange enables swift and decisive action against fraudulent activities while ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines.

    DarkDefend: DarkDefend.com provides an API-enabled fraud prevention database containing information on known stolen checks, debit cards, and compromised email addresses. By leveraging this database, financial institutions can enhance their fraud prevention efforts across various operational scenarios, including deposit operations and check processing.

    In addition to these solutions, ThreatAdvice offers comprehensive penetration testing services, including internal and external testing, to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in security controls.

    With over 20 years of experience serving financial institutions, Turner Software Technologies is committed to delivering innovative solutions that address the evolving challenges of the industry. Jerry Turner, president of Turner Software Technologies, emphasized the importance of partnering with ThreatAdvice to enhance fraud prevention measures for their customers.

    "Our partnership with ThreatAdvice reflects our dedication to providing unparalleled security solutions to our customers," said Jerry Turner. "In today's landscape, where fraud is becoming increasingly sophisticated, it is imperative that we offer comprehensive protection to safeguard our customers' interests."

    David Brasfield, CEO of ThreatAdvice, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "Turner Software Technologies' long-standing reputation for excellence in providing teller solutions makes them an ideal partner for ThreatAdvice. We are confident that our combined expertise will empower financial institutions to proactively defend against fraud and cyber threats."

    About ThreatAdvice

    ThreatAdvice is a leading provider of fraud and cybersecurity solutions for financial institutions. Their tools enable organizations to stay ahead of evolving threats and protect their assets effectively. Learn more at www.threatadvice.com or info@threatadvice.com

    About FraudXchange

    FraudXchange, a cooperative network, unites financial institutions to share insights and strategies for fraud prevention. With rapid reporting of fraudulent transactions, secure communication, dark web monitoring, and employee email fraud detection, FraudXchange equips financial institutions to protect their operations. To combat the rising threat of check fraud, visit fraudxchange.com or contact join@fraudxchange.com or (205) 981-4444. Together, we secure the financial future.

    About Turner Software Technologies

    Turner Software Technologies offers a comprehensive suite of paperless banking solutions designed to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and compliance for financial institutions. Their flagship product, Teller21-Capture, revolutionizes transaction processing by eliminating paper tickets and integrating image capture technology. For more information, visit turnersoftwaretech.com or email Jerry@TurnerSoftwareTech.com.