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    Birmingham Tech Company Introduces DarkDefend.com: A Dark Web+ Monitoring Service for Financial Institutions

    Birmingham, Ala., Jan. 22, 2024– In an age where cyber threats are evolving at an unprecedented rate, staying one step ahead of cybercriminals is essential. Financial institutions entrusted with sensitive customer data and assets need a robust solution to safeguard their institution and customers from the ongoing risks hidden on the online fraud ecosystem (darknet and encrypted communication platforms such as Telegram and WhatsApp).

    DarkDefend.com, powered by cybersecurity company ThreatAdvice, strives to be the essential tool that financial institutions utilize to uncover and monitor customer and business account data that has been compromised and that is exposed and for sale on the dark web and other nefarious communication platforms.

    DarkDefend.com is an API-enabled fraud prevention database containing known stolen checks, stolen debit cards and compromised email addresses. By partnering with financial institutions on locating and identifying stolen financial assets, DarkDefend.com can provide fraud watchlist screening for a variety of use cases. For example, DarkDefend.com can provide a prescreening service for deposit operations such as teller capture by allowing the teller platform to query the service to determine if checks being deposited have been identified as stolen. Also, DarkDefend.com can be used when processing onus image cash letters as an additional layer of fraud prevention by identifying any known stolen checks so they can be returned prior to posting.

    DarkDefend.com utilizes advanced technology to probe the dark web for signs of compromised account information, fraudulent transactions and illicit activities related to a financial institution and its and customer accounts. By proactively monitoring the dark web, text message apps and social media platforms for compromised account and customer information, financial institutions are poised to stop fraudulent activity before it affects their institution, reducing monetary losses and the time and effort associated with resolving fraudulent activity.

    DarkDefend.com provides alerts when any suspicious activity involving an institution's data or related customer accounts is detected on the online fraud ecosystem, thus equipping financial institutions to notify affected customers promptly. This approach not only protects customers but also builds trust in the institution.

    With the introduction of tools such as FraudGPT, criminal activity is only going to get more advanced and prevalent as it becomes easier to propagate. Financial institutions are encouraged to take a proactive stance in safeguarding their institution and their customers' assets. DarkDefend.com dark web monitoring is the shield financial institutions need to employ in a digital age filled with uncertainties.

    DarkDefend.com, powered by ThreatAdvice is designed to be a standalone solution or it can serve as an addition to FraudXchange, a cooperative network that empowers banks with rapid check fraud transaction reporting and secure communication that is also powered by ThreatAdvice.

    About DarkDefend.com:

    DarkDefend.com is a cutting-edge dark web monitoring service designed to protect financial institutions and their customers from cyber threats. Powered by ThreatAdvice, DarkDefend.com offers comprehensive threat detection, cost-efficient mitigation, real-time alerts, proactive defense, protection of the bottom line, and transparent customer notification. For more information, visit www.darkdefend.com or email info@darkdefend.com.

    About ThreatAdvice:

    ThreatAdvice is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions and services. With a focus on proactive cybersecurity education and protection, ThreatAdvice empowers organizations to defend against evolving cyber threats. Learn more at www.threatadvice.com.