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    ThreatAdvice Adds Courses To Cybersecurity Education Platform

    ThreatAdvice provides an extensive cybersecurity and phishing platform sold as a stand alone cybersecurity education system for employees or included as part of its comprehensive cyber management solution ThreatAdvice Breach Prevention Platform.

    We release new courses in our cybersecurity education solution each month based our experts industry insight and customer requests.  Here are some of the courses that have been released in 2022.

    • Cyber Tips for Students At Home and In School
    • Municipalities Are A Prime Candidate For a Cyber Attack
    • Foundation For Building A Strong Cybersecurity Program
    • How Important Is a Technology Roadmap?
    • What is the difference in HTTPS and HTTP?
    • What can you do with an IP address?
    • What is the process of authentication?
    • Is it important to remove a USB flash drive safely?
    • What are the safest locking options for smartphones?  How is it different from face recognition, passwords, etc?
    • How to stay safe online?
    • What are the functions and risks of cookies and cache files?
    • What is pharming?
    • Gambling Industry Is Being Impacted By Cybersecurity
    • How Important Is Cybersecurity For Online Casinos?
    • Top Phishing Scams in 2021
    • 2022 Cybersecurity Projections
    • Realizing You Are A Cyber Target Is The First Step In Preparation
    • Getting Prepared For Your Cybersecurity Insurance Renewal
    • Point-Of-Sale (POS) Systems Are A Common Target For Hackers
    • How To Stop Phishing Attacks?