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    Two ThreatAdvice Employees Promoted to New Positions

    At ThreatAdvice, our commitment to providing you with the highest level of cybersecurity, MSSP, MSP VOIP services and more remains unwavering. As we continue to strengthen our team of experts, we are delighted to announce the promotions of two valued individuals who have demonstrated exceptional skills, dedication, and a profound commitment to safeguarding your digital assets. These promotions not only recognize their outstanding contributions but also reaffirm our commitment to ensuring the utmost protection and resilience for your business. We take pride in announcing that Jay Fitzpatrick and William Hale have risen to new positions within our company, and will be responsible for overseeing the security, technical operations and  cybersecurity product development at ThreatAdvice. 


    jayfitzpatrick-webJay Fitzpatrick has been promoted to senior vice president of operations for ThreatAdvice. In this position, Jay assumes a crucial role in overseeing and optimizing ThreatAdvice's day-to-day activities and operational processes. With a deep understanding of the dynamic cybersecurity landscape, Jay will ensure the seamless execution of projects and initiatives to deliver exceptional services to our valued clients. Jay also plays a pivotal role in developing and implementing strategic plans, aligning operational objectives with the company's overall vision, and driving continuous improvement across various departments. Jay’s contributions will be vital to ensuring that ThreatAdvice operates at its peak performance while consistently exceeding your expectations. 


    William-Hale_croppedWilliam Hale has been promoted to senior vice president of product management and cybersecurity. In his new role, William will be responsible for providing leadership and direction in our MSP product offerings, developing product roadmaps, anticipating future trends, and ensuring that we are ahead of the curve in all key elements of the cyber security business. He will also be responsible for overseeing the vCISO engineers. I am confident that William's leadership in this role will help to differentiate ThreatAdvice in the market and will drive our business forward and enhance our value proposition. 


    Overall ThreatAdvice remains committed to continuing to enhance the products and solutions that we provide you. If you have any questions or concerns about your existing solutions, or any additional solutions, please reach out to Jay jfitzpatrick@threatadvice.com or William at whale@threatadvice.com.